Democracy Now! — is now Hamas Now!


Democracy Now used to be a Progressive bastion of well written and accurate news source for all things Progressive and democratic. At least this was true ten years ago.  Over the past ten years however, it has become less and less “accurate” and much more so a voice for anti-semitism and anti-Zionist propaganda.

Tonight I visited their website ( and noticed that the ‘headlines” section was heavily weighted against Israel and for “palestine.” There were eleven articles, all weighted with anti-Zionist propaganda, as opposed to another eleven articles on almost any other topic. The anti-semitic articles were loaded with the usual buzzwords:  “apartheid,” “settler colonialism,” “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,’’ “occupation,” ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

They didn’t mention the growing fashion trend in Gaza and Judea/Samaria of Burkas.  They didn’t mention the number of LGBTQ Arabs that were thrown off the tops of high rises in Gaza, or the number of children being used as human sheilds by Hamas terrorists who were subsequently killed. They are in total denial of the October 7th massacre or the torture, rapes and beheadings that occurred that day against unarmed civilians (and documented via body cams worn by the terrorists). Democracy Now(!) didn’t mention the 1,000s gunned down at the Re’im Music Festival.

You see, Democracy Now!s Amy Goodman maintains that Israel can do nothing right. She believes that the Jews need to be eliminated from “the river to the sea’ and that every lie ever told about Jews for the last 2,000 years is correct.  She believes that Hitler should have finished the job (on the other hand, she will simultaneously deny that the Holocaust ever happened).

Progressives have lost what once was a fair and accurate news source.  That just leaves us MSNBC, and even they are starting to drink the “palestinian kool aid.”

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