A “pussy” is a cat, according to most dictionaries. It is also a derogatory term for a vagina. When used in the sense of the later, it is generally always derogatory. For instance, “… a lot people are such pussies.” “A lot of people are such vaginas.”

How can a person BE a vagina? A woman can HAVE a vagina. A man cannot (unless he is becoming a woman).Why are vaginas BAD things? That implies that a penis is a good thing. But we know that a penis is sometimes a bad thing. “Dick,” “cock,” “shmuck,” “putz,” are all derogatory words to describe people.

But I digress. People who use the word “pussy” this way are saying that vaginas are bad. The truth however, is that vaginas are very, very good. The vagina is the entrance to the womb, and the womb is where life begins. In this sense a “pussy” is a far superior thing to have than a “dick.” Yes, a dick starts a life but without a vagina life cannot begin. I’m thinking that because of the superiority of the female position, men are simply jealous and so they have to denigrate women in this way. Once a man impregnates a woman, his job is done. Her job will last for nine months and usually, the next 18 years. This sot of goes along with the Republican Party’s anti-woman agenda, which wishes to force women to have children and then drops the matter, not caring what happens after the birth. So a guy who habitually calls pacifists “pussies”: Isn’t he really, sub-consciously (if not consciously) a “misogynist?”‘