How Israels Public Willingness To Share The Land Really Has Only Hurt Israel?


From the time of the Peel Commission in the late 1930s during Israels pre-State era to today; Israels leaders have always openly asserted their willingness to share The Land. On the other hand, Israels Arab enemies have always proclaimed that the land from the River to the Sea is 100 % theirs. From a public relations standpoint such benign foreign policy declarations by Israel are totally injurious to the Jewish States very right to the Land. To begin with most of the world has a history and a tendency of being tilted to an anti-Jewish bias. Such an assertion only gives added ammunition to the Arab claim that Jews have no legal or historic right to the Land, as they are willing to bargain away their legitimacy to their alleged historic claim to that Land. Any People who is openly willing to posture their willingness to compromise on such a basic principle must not be the rightful heirs to the Land. This so called enlightened assertion comes into stark contrast with the Arab register of vision where there are no half tones, only full tones. Their mantra is one of What is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine too!

During the reign of King Solomon two women came before him, both claiming to be the rightful mother of a baby. Solomon being both just and wise said that in order to settle this dispute that he would cut the infant in half and give each half to each woman. The woman who was not the rightful mother said nothing to protest his decision; whereas the true rightful mother quickly pleaded to the King, not to kill the infant, but to give it to her adversary. From the strong reaction of the rightful mother Solomon knew who the real mother was, as she would never want the baby to be divided and thereby killed.
It is high time that Israel has leaders who are totally unwilling to ever divide their Land to those who have no claim to it. To do otherwise, is to act as this wicked woman who came before Solomon with a false claim, and therefore not to be whole for Israels well being.