Hate = Darkness, Love = Light


I spoke earlier of my problem with sleeping after the horrific attack by Islamic fundamentalists on Jewish citizens that took place in Israel the weekend of October 7th.  I listed some of the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists.  I witnessed that the Right Wing government led by Donald Trumps Jewish twin promised all out war, and delivered it in the form of cutting off food, water, fuel and electricity to the 2.38 million inhabitants of Gaza.

Eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth?  But sooner or later you run out of teeth and eyes, and the whole world is left blind.

To be sure, this state of belling has been fermenting for a long time. Each side making up increasingly vicious lies about the other over the past seven decades.  One side even invented a whole new indigenous group out of whole cloth, then accused the actual indigenous group of colonialism.

All of this has been highly advantageous to one special group, which is neither Arabic nor Jewish. I speak here of war profiteers, who have invented ridiculous conspiracy theories to rouse a whole nation to hate the other group, which itself has been maligned against for over 2,000 years.

War is a very profitable business. In order to ferment war, one must firs ferment hate. So the war profiteer spreads propaganda about the dominant side (“the Jews stole your land; the Jews are committing genocide against you; the Jews are going to blow up the Dome of The Rock so they can rebuild their temple; the Jews control all the banks and all media; the Jews built an apartheid wall etc.)”  At the same time the Jews are being told, “the Arabs want to rape your daughters; the Arabs are using women and children as human shields; the Arabs won’t be satisfied until the Jews are driven into the sea; etc”  All this loads hatred into the psyche of both sides, so that all they can think of is how much they hate each other.

The real deal? Arabs and Jews are very much alike and want the same things. They want to raise their children in peace. They want to work at worthwile occupations and raise their children to love and respect all people. They want to practice their religion in peace (or, not practice any religion at all). They want love and respect and tolerance. They want universal healthcare, a living wage, equal rights for all races, genders and creeds. They want comfortable housing and schools where their children are taught the goodness of all mankind. they want to elect their representatives in democratic elections and they want everyone to have the right to vote.

They aren’t going to get any of that.  None of that is good business.  The war profiteers make sure that toes are stepped on (or perceived to be stepped on) so that the leaders of the people can incite the people  rise up and throw off the oppressors (and line the pockets of the war profiteers with gold).

Guess what? You are part of the problem. If you take sides in this war, or any war, you contribute to the hate. You help fill the pockets of the war profiteers, and indirectly help murder innocent children, mothers and men.