What Is A “State”?

This has been brought up in reference to my article, The Masonic Conspiracy and my post, Here’s An Idea Worth Considering.

What is the meaning of the word, “State,” in the context of the United States of America? In this context, a State is a Country. So the United States of America means the Countries of (North) America which have entered into an agreement with other Countries under a single Federal Government. This isn’t that hard to figure out. We speak of, for example, the “State of Israel.” We have a “State Department” which deals with other countries outside of the United States. In this context we see the blueprint of a greater plan. Honestly, the only things that stopped Manifest Destiny from taking over the entire North (and maybe South) American continent were the War of 1812 and our Civil War.

What is the “greater plan?” I would propose One World Government. Further, I would propose that the United States of America is a model for just such a One World Government. Remember that the Free Masons were the main catalysts for our Revolution as well as the French Revolution. The Masons are believed to be the instigators of a One World Government. Now the French model does not hold up, but the American model certainly does. What started out as 13 United States of America has (since 1959) grown into 50. Why was the United Nations building built in New York City? Why not Switzerland? Or Belgium? Why are we the United “STATES?” Why not the United “Provinces?”I think that our Constitution could easily support the rest of the Countries of the world and I believe that this was the intent of our Founding Fathers (most of whom were Masons).