I wonder (About Money)


When will we (and I mean, all of us – GOD) figure out that the distribution of money weakens us as a species and corrupts us. Don’t forget that the central dream of Star Trek was just this: a money-less society. I found a guy on the internet that puts it this way:

Imagine for a moment a society without money. When you think about it, money, the lack of it, the pursuit of it, and what to do with it, takes up much of our waking consciousness. Even in our dreams we dream about winning the lottery, paying off the mortgage or being able to afford every whim and want. In short we are slaves to money. But in reality it is just an idea.

These little pieces of paper are meaningless in themselves, rather a means by which our society is maintained, kept in some semblance of balance and order. However from another perspective, money and the pursuit of it reveals a far more negative aspect of humanity, greed. Because money can expand life choices and gain power over those with less of it, it is by nature the corrupter. Our monetary system, devised to be a means for fair economy and balances has become the controlling force of all human endeavor. It has become a sole purpose and the false God of a race of beings immersed in self-involvement. The world is filled with inequity, most of which revolves around money. Those born into poverty have no choice in the matter, as is our good fortune born into wealth. The success or failure of political and economic systems comes from individual circumstance for
which all associated populations endure the result. Most of us have little influence on what happens beyond trying to ensure we protect and care for our own love ones. Of course, no-one wants to give up what they have, or lesson the lifestyle and freedom that we enjoy.
Here’s the clincher. Technology, energy and world resources can sustain our world populations: rid the world of hunger, drastically lessen disease and care for all its inhabitants. The only obstacle is greed and what the monetary system has created. Imagine a world without money, without the pressure of bills, striving to amass, budgeting and all that goes with our present system. And what’s even better, without money, without power there would be far less conflict. Perhaps we would learn to live in peace and not contend with or try to better our fellow man. The benefits would be many. There are people that have been working on this possibility for some years, working out how such a society would work. The intent is not to recreate any political system or philosophy but to imagine a new working world order whereby a governing body would oversee the maintenance and procurement of all the resources needed to sustain a balanced, healthy world. Perhaps we would all be required to work certain hours per week in our chosen fields, having been educated and nurtured to achieve our potential. The reward for participation would be housing, food and recreational choices, living in the knowledge that our future and our children’s future is assured. It all sounds impossible to achieve but dreams can come true and a world of peace and prosperity is worth consideration. Think about it.  — Tony DeLorger