Another Facebook conversation with my eldest son


I hope you can read this okay. I’ve been fighting with the formatting for about an hour and I still can’t seem to get it quite right.

So my youngest son, Jesse, posted the following:

(Note: Responses in RED are what I should have said)
(Note: I did not bother to correct any misspellings or incorrect grammar. I did highlight them in red,
















Joshua Arseneau I get all my news from Joe Rogan, Bill Maher, Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. ???????
It challenges my truth & any biased I may have on a subject.
I wonder what happened to Jordan Peterson …..

Ellis Arseneau
Joshua Arseneau <sigh>

And then the shit hit the fan:

Joshua Arseneau
Ellis Arseneau
 who do you listen too to challenge your biased? Answer: Nobody.
WRONG: I like Mooji, Amma, The Dalai Lama and many others …

Answer: why would you challenge what you believe if you think you are “G-d”? Why would you guard your heart if you don’t believe you have a sinful nature?
Most Pagans are not truth seekers. Most pagans ^ going by their feelings. They don’t use logic and reason. Most Pagans believe
that life is Random, Illogical & history is cyclical. So why bother bettering yourself or being innovative?
It’s pretty obvious that you know absolutely nothing about what “most Pagans” believe. May be you could read  a book
written by  a Pagan author?


But really your God is the government. It’s where your hope lyes. It’s where your help comes from. It’s where your value^ comes from. It’s your redeemer, savior and deliverer in whom you trust.
But Josh, in a Representative Democracy, WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.  We choose our representatives. They make our laws. I’m not saying the system is perfect, but it’s better than many other systems.


Your heaven or utopia is a place where the government decides everything we have and everything is equal and nobody has a care for anything.
Uhm, I actually don’t believe in a Heaven (at least not the way you think of it). But yes. Because
WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT.  We choose our representatives. They make our laws. I’m not saying the system is perfect, but it’s better than many other systems.


No thanks. We are already tried those things and they didn’t work.
And when was that?
There has never been a better time in history then now.
REALLY?  What about man made climate change?  What about Covid-19?  What about the believers of one faith imposing
their beliefs on people who don’t believe they way they do (Think of Republican Fundagelicals. Think  of The Taliban (Islamic Fundamentalists)?


Western culture is superior because it embraced Greek reason and logic along with Judeo Christian values. It’s the reason slavery was abolished.
Actually, it was Judeo-Christian values (at least by some folks interpretation) that established slavery in this country in the first place, and continues to feed white supremacism to this day,


It’s the reason we have religious tolerance,
Yes, I see you tolerating my religion right now….


Which many of your favorite mentors deny….


and more human rights then any other time in history.
Is that why a woman can’t get an abortion in Texas any more?  The same Cretans
will deny them access to birth control as well.  Under Fundamentalism (either
Christian or Moslem) women are just chattle: baby making machines with no
rights. Sex slaves.
But for some reason you want to bring our culture back to time where humans had no value and no rights.
If we are all G-d, wouldn’t we have absolute value and absolute rights?


But here is what I really said:

Ellis Arseneau
Joshua Arseneau From your remarks, it is apparent that you know nothing of what my beliefs are. Once your
misinterpretation of my belief system is  exposed, you’ll realize that everything else you THINK I believe is horseshit.
I have never said “I am G-d.” I always say “WE are G-d.” I can’t be G-d unless everyone else, and I mean EVERY
SENTIENT BEING in the Universe (or the multi-verse) is also G-d. The problem, the Cancer, is that many people do
not believe they are G-d. All of the problems of the world can be attributed to this. You will fail in your spiritual journey
for as long as you deny your true self – G-d. DEMOCRACY is the ultimate expression of G-dhood. Embrace Democracy
and you are at least half way to the goal.


And this is Joshua’s reply:


Joshua Arseneau
Ellis Arseneau no thanks. I don’t want to be ruled by a majority. Because
the majority of people our dumb and do what’s best for them not the individual.
We are not a true democracy. The United States in a republic. You can’t play
the games if don’t know the rules and you can’t be a winner if can’t keep


I should have left the sentence concerning Democracy out.  He only saw that line, so that is what he reacted


Ellis Arseneau“Representative Democracy” is the actual
term. But you are partially right. “When people say that the United States
is “not a democracy but a republic,” this is a half-truth: it’s not a direct
democracy where each person casts their vote on specific legislation, but
any system wherein people cast their votes for members of government is ultimately
“democratic” in nature.” See…/is-the-united-states-a…/


Ellis Arseneau
Joshua Arseneau What games? Who are you playing against? Life is not a game.







 Ellis Arseneau
Well my son, if that is how you feel about it, then that is how you feel about. There’s no changing that. You are the Alpha
and the Omega, after all. I love you anyway. TaG.
But, is THAT how you feel about it?

Note: “TaG” means “Thou art G-d.”

To be continued. Maybe.