Six Lies about Israel

There is a lot of propaganda circulating these days concerning Israel. 
Much of it is mostly just hateful, blood libel types that have been going around for three thousand years against Jews, but now are applied to Israel.  Some are just conspiracy theories, the type of thing that guys wearing tin foil hats repeat. Others are just designed to evoke an emotional reaction.  All of them represent the worst hatred toward Jews.

Here are the top six:

    1. Israel is conducting a military occupation.
      Usually this one is just applied to Judea/Samaria (aka, “the West Bank”).  But I’ve also seen it applied to the whole of the land of Israel, “from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean).”
      Let’s examine some history:  Jews have lived in this part of the world continuously for over four thousand years.  Even after their last expulsion (by the Roman empire, circa 70 CE) there were always a few families that carried on in the land.  Between 1881 and 1924, with the beginnings of Zionism (1897) Jews began returning to their homeland in greater numbers, culminating at the end of World War II and Shoah (Holocaust). All of the land settled by Jews from 1901 onward, was purchased by the Jewish National Fund from wealthy Arab land owners who were only too happy to sell “worthless desert land” to the “foolish Jews.”  When the Jews began farming the land and utilizing science, irrigation and modern agricultural techniques, all of sudden charge that “the Jews stole our land” began to made,  One thing, the land had inhabitants that weren’t the owners.  Arab farmers had attempted to cultivate the land before it was sold out from under them by those Arab landowners. Nonetheless, the land was bought and paid for. Money changed hands. Deeds were written and transferred. None of the land of Eretz Israel was stolen from anyone.But, what about the West Bank? Didn’t Israel steal that land in the 1967 Six-Day-War?  Israel did not steal that land.  Prior the 1948 Arab-Israel War,  Judea/Samaria (it’s true name) had been purchased by the Jewish National Fund, and was settled by Jews.  But during the 1948 war, Jordan ceased that land, and it was Jordan that occupied it from 1948 until 1967.  That land was liberated by Israel in 1967, and returned to Israel.  It had always belonged to the Jews.  Further proof is that there are dozens of Jewish historical places throughout the “West Bank,” including Rachel’s Tomb, Eshtemoa Synagogue (4th-5th Century CE), Tombs of Joshua and Caleb, Hebron, Safed, Jerusalem, Cave of Machpeah, Cave of the Patriarchs, Jacobs Well, and scores of others.
      There is also the matter of the cemeteries.  There are some really ancient burial yards throughout Eretz Israel. Most date back three thousand years or more.  All of them have grave markers inscribed with Hebrew lettering.  The most prominent is in the Kidron Valley, the Silwan Necropolis, which lies outside of ancient Jerusalem’s Eastern Gate, and runs from the city wall and up the Mount of Olives. It has been in use since 1500 BCE.
      Bottom line, Israel does not illegally occupy Judea/Samaria (the “West Bank”) because it belonged to Israel prior to 1948.
    2. Israel is conducting Genocide (AKA “Ethnic Cleansing”) against the “Palestinians.”
      If this true, then the population of “Palestinians” would be dropping wouldn’t it?  Or, maybe this is something Israel is just not good at?  In 1948, at the end to the first Arab-Israel war, Arabs numbered 156,000. Today, (October 30th  2023) Arabs number 7.503 million.
      Genocide? I think not.
    3. Israel is an Apartheid nation.
      Under Apartheid, there are certain rules that are applied to the minority population.  They cannot intermarry outside their own group.  They cannot study abroad. They cannot become Doctors, Nurses or Teachers. They cannot vote.  They cannot have a job in the government, or even serve as representatives in Congress.
      Now, there are two classes of Arabs living within the boundaries of Israel. There are citizens of Palestine, and there are citizens of Israel.  None of the aforementioned restrictions apply to the Arab citizens of Israel. Many of these are Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers. All of them can vote in Israeli elections. Quite a few serve in government. Some are even members of the Knesset.  They can even marry Jews if  they can find a cooperative Jew to marry. As for the citizens of Palestine, they cannot vote in Israeli elections, not can they serve in the government. Other than that, they can still be Doctors, they can marry Jews.The charge of Apartheid mainly comes from the presence of the Security Wall that runs across Judea/Samaria, which restricts movements (of both Arabs and Jews) between parts of the area.
      Yes, it is ugly. And yes, it is very inconvenient for everyone. But it was built in an attempt to deter suicide bombings of Pizza Parlors, bus stops and schools, and frankly it has worked.  Suicide bombings are almost down to nothing since the wall was built.
    4. The Jews are white European Colonialists, who have displaced the indigenist Palestinians, much like what happened in America with the tribes there.133.5 million (74%) Jews came from the countries surrounding Israel in the Middle East and Africa. 45.5   million (25.3%) came from Europe, and there were an additional 1 million that were already living in Eretz Israel prior to any of these other immigrations.   Genetically, all Jews have carry genetic markers noting their origin in the Middle East.  Also, Jews are not white. They are a brown race, even though a few can pass as white.
    5. Israel stole ”Palestinian” land.
      As I have mentioned elsewhere in my blog, not one square mm of land was stolen from anyone.  All the land was purchased prior to 1947 by the Jewish National Fund from wealthy Arabic land owners who were only too willing to sell “worthless desert land” to the hapless Jews. Now it is true that some Arabs were evicted. This happens when land is transferred from one owner to another and it happens that tenants are dwelling there. It happens everyday in America. Why make a big deal out it happening in Israel?  Oh yeah. Jews.
    6. Gaza is an open air prison.
      That’s just stupid. But it’s also a kind of half-truth. A detailed article that goes into why this is not true can be found a this url:

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