THE JESUS HOAX: The Greatest LIE Ever Told


Jesus Christ never lived.
He didn’t die on the cross for your sins or anyone else’s sins. He didn’t resurrect on Easter Sunday. The Gospel stories of the New Testament are
pure fiction set in a historical setting to lend them veracity. ( )

The character of Jesus seems to be a composite of about a dozen different Middle Eastern Pagan gods.

The Romans were very anal about record keeping, and in fact invented our modern methods of record keeping and filing. There exists no record of a crucifixion of anyone named or called Jesus of Nazareth (the town of Nazareth, in fact, did not exist during the Roman period), Jesus bar Joseph, or either the Aramaic or Hebrew equivalents of those names. Oh, several hundred Jews named Jesus were executed by the Romans, for all sorts of alleged crimes, but “Jesus” (or “Joshua” or “Yeshua”) was as common a name among Jews of that time period as it is among Hispanics today.

Heaven and Hell are totally made up. The idea of an afterlife in either a Heaven or a Hell is completely foreign to Jewish people today, and certainly not part of the Judaism of Roman times either.

Jesus is not the Jewish messiah. The Jewish messiah was to be a political leader who would restore the nation of Israel. Today many modern Jews believe the establishment of Israel itself is the promise of the messiah. If Jesus had lived, then certainly Jews would have recognized him as the messiah. But he never lived in the first place. “Oh,” some will say, “It was prophesied that the Jews would reject Jesus as messiah.” You can
stand any scripture on it’s head to prove your point, but the fact is that the Jesus story was written to fulfill the prophesy.

“What about the writings of Josephus?” Josephus was a Roman “Uncle Tom.” He’d write anything to please his masters. The fact that he writes what
he does about Jesus just shows that he was a xtian all along. Much scholarship has shown though that Josephus was just making it up as he went, and basically repeating the mythology as he was told it (Here, a Christian scholar tears Josephus a new on).

What about God? What about sin?

What about being brainwashed? What about societal controls? That’s what xtianity is all about anyway: societal control. It’s about made up standards of behavior, enforced by the threat of torture in a supposed afterlife. But more than that, it’s about patriarchy and capitalism. It’s about owning things: land, houses, slaves, and women. It’s about controlling your possessions (control a woman’s sexuality and you control her mind as well).

Xtianity is all negative. The only reason a sane person would ever become a xtian is to escape hell. There is nothing at all in xtianity that is attractive. It’s all about self-deprecation, poor self image, and codependency. It’s all about blaming others for your own mistakes, or for your circumstances. Further, to sell xtianity evangelists spend all their time and energy demonizing the competition. Instead of telling us what’s great about being a xtian, they spend all their time telling us what’s terrible about being anything else. That’s because xtianity has nothing to offer you in reality. It’s all about what might happen to you when you die, so you end up living in preparation for death.

Sin is an invention created to make us need a savior. Who are we being saved from? Jesus’ father-god. If he didn’t exist we wouldn’t
be needing salvation. But the father-god of Jesus as depicted in the Bible is much more like Satan that like a loving father. In fact, I believe that Satan and god are the same being. That would explain an awful lot about the Go’uld named Yahweh, and his equally Go’uld like son.

Xtianity (the fundamentalist variety) is also the greatest threat to our democracy, and to the world, ever. Fundy’s want to make the United States a Christian theocracy (like Iran only using the Bible, not the Koran). To this end, they have made up wholesale lies about the founding fathers, the founding documents, and even our national symbols (which I discuss elsewhere). The folks at Theocracy Watch have done a much better job than I could have at researching this. I suggest you wander over there and check it all out. But this all stands to reason. Why wouldn’t a group of power/money hungry testosterone driven pigs use lies, lies and more lies (the technique Hitler used in that if you tell a lie often enough people will begin to believe it (overused today by right wing radio hosts), to bring about the takeover of a country? After all their own religion is based on the biggest lie of them all.