Nature IS


‘Nature is the only reality. Earth, Sky, Sea = Nature. Spirit is energy, energy cannot be destroyed, therefore lasts forever, therefore we last forever. Spirit is a manifestation of Nature. To my way of thinking, this separation of spirit from nature is the cause of most of the grief that mankind has put this planet through, and every religion (except maybe the Buddhists (but is Buddhism a religion?)) teaches that spirit and nature are separate.

Why? Part of it I think is that they believe that mankind is better than the rest of Nature. It’s BS, but that’s what they believe. So that gives them the right to build the XL Pipeline, endangering the environment across a whole continent. That gives them the right to “drill baby drill.” That gives them the right to clearcut rainforests, decimate native populations, teach outright lies to our children (especially our female children).

Do you know that the Redwood forest was once one of the largest rainforests on the planet? Do you know that only 3% is left — most of it in National and State Parks and Forests and BLM? The west coast, from about Brookings OR to just past Big Sur, and for about 50 miles inland from the ocean was once one solid mass forest of the tallest living things on earth. Then the white man came and started sawing away (taking breaks to torture, rape and massacre the First Nations here).


Because their spiritual leaders taught that there was a difference between spirit and matter.