The Four Spiritual Laws (A Parody)

Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical plane
of existence, so are there
spiritual laws which govern your relationship with the universe.

G-d LOVES you and offers a wonderful PLAN
for your life.

G-s’s Love
All acts of love and pleasure are my worship…” (Charge of the Goddess).
YOU have been blessed with a physical body uniquely programmed to experience,
enjoy and give pleasure.

G-s’s Plan
Thou are God, and I am God and all that groks is God.” —
Valentine Michael Smith
YOU are God. Your neighbor is God. Every sentient being is God. Through this
self-realization, your God-ness becomes actualized.

Why is it that most people are not experiencing the life of a God?


People are BRAINWASHED from birth by FALSE religions
that they are sinful and separated from the Gods. Therefore, they cannot
know and experience being the Gods they truly are.

People are brainwashed
Each cultural group sets up its rules for virtuous behavior, sanctifies
actions which contribute to the preservation of the hive. Society is based on
the control and direction of socio-sexual behavior. The particular soc-sex virtues
of the group ­emotional, symbolic, and stylistic ­are usually determined
early in the group’s history by dominant leaders who impose their fourth imprint
sexual eccentricities on the culture. St. Paul didn’t like women. Mohammed was
polygamous-exploitive. Luther was paternal. Since most modern societies have
been codified by menopausal, power-oriented men, the moral systems tend to be
prudish, exploitive and chauvinistic. Social responsibilities thus determine
virtue and sin­ which are always sexual in nature.
” — Dr. Timothy

The only true sin is ignorance
I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain
on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction. Yet true
happiness comes from a sense of peace and contentment, which in turn must be
achieved through the cultivation of altruism, of love and compassion, and elimination
of ignorance, selfishness, and greed.”
— The 14th Dalai Lama

This diagram illustrates that Godhood is attainable, but people are ignorant
because of societal brainwashing. A great wall of ignorance separates the two.
The arrows illustrate that people are continually trying to reach their inherent
God-ness and the abundant life through false religion, – but this inevitably fails.

The third law explains one way (but not the only one) to bridge this gulf…

Knowlege will help you to break through the barrier of
societal conditioning. Through knowlege you can know and experience love
and and your own inherent Goddessness.

You can free yourself from the bondage of false religion

Most of us have been raised in religious belief systems (BS) that indoctrinate
us into co-dependent relationships with false deities. These are, for the most
part, pseudo-mono-theist systems, and require subservience to a false god. In
these belief systems, you take no responsibility for your own actions or beliefs.
Rather, you blame your actions on a false god (example: Jehovah) or demi-god
(example: Satan). You are also forced to back up you belief by acceptance on
a book of historical fiction (The Bible, The Koran, The Torah, etc.), as historical
fact. Then you are trapped in an ignorant, illogical system of circular reasoning:
“God says blah, blah,….” “We know this is true because the
Bible says so.” ” We know the Bible is true because God has said it
is,” and so on and so forth.

You can overcome this bondage, and take back your life and live up to your

“‘Thou art God.’ It’s not a message of cheer and hope. It’s a defiance–and
an unafraid unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.” –Valentine
Michael Smith



This diagram illustrates that knowledge bridges the gulf which separates us from
our true selves.

It is not enough just to know these three laws…

We must individually Invoke God within
us; then we can realize and experience our own purpose plan for our lives.

We invoke God through Initiation

When We Invoke God, We Experience a New Birth

We invoke the God through Personal Initiation
Invoking God involves turning to our true selves from co-dependency and
re-educating ourselves to make us realize our own God-ness (Thou art God
). Just to agree intellectually that you are a God is not enough. Nor
is it enough to have an emotional experience. We invoke God as
an act of the will.

These two circles represent two kinds of lives:


Which circle best describes your life?
Which circle would you like to have represent your life?

The following explains how you can invoke the Goddess:

You Can Invoke God Right Now by Through Meditation

The attitude of your heart is more important than your words. The following
is a suggested simple invocation:

“Mighty Mother of us all, I come before you to proclaim my own God-ness!
I am not a sinner, and I have never been one. I am whole and one with the universe
and with you. I am a good person, and I have always been a good person. I reject
the claims of false religions and false gods, which enslave and brain wash so
many of us. I proclaim that Thou art God and I am God and all that Groks is
God. So mote it be!

Does this invocation express the desire of your heart?

If it does, I invite you to take off your clothes, light a candle, close your
eyes, take a deep breath, and meditate right now, saying aloud the invocation
above, and you will realize your Godness.

Now that you have accepted responsibility for
your life……