Some Random Thoughts On One World Government


I think by virtue of the fact that our country was founded by the Illuminati, that many, many representatives of the Illuminati have or now do, hold public office (In all three branches of government, and in numerous departments), that we elected them, and continue to do so — that means we, you and me, and anyone else living in the country (well, citizens anyway) are Illuminati.

Notice the “God” in “In God we trust” doesn’t have a name (they all do). If this were a Jewish country, it would be Adonai, or at least, G-d. If Moslem, Allah, if Hindu, well they have 1,000s, but probably Brahma or Krishna. If Buddhist, well, Buddha isn’t really a god, as Buddhism is actually pantheistic. That is, we are all collectively god; many of us just don’t know it.
We know the country was founded by Freemasons (the Illuminati is said to be the umbrella group of Freemasonry, the Bilderbergers, CFR, etc.) and many, many Masonic ideas and symbolism are interwoven into our national culture.
So what God do Freemasons believe in? Whomever he/she is, that’s the God we trust.
I don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories, but I do find them fascinating. I think if they were really after one world government (which is really the big fear — why?), we’d have it by now. But that would outlaw war, and war is too profitable to outlaw (too big to fail?).
Also, I am in favor of OWG. I think the entire world, under an OWG would be pretty much like the United States is now. Probably just as dysfunctional, but at least we wouldn’t be spending gazillions of dollars on killing other people. It’s quite possible, probable, that a one world economy (capitalist/socialist mix on the model of say, Norway for example) would guarantee every citizen a middle to upper middle middle class lifestyle, with the same guarantees of freedom outlined in our Bill of Rights, and maybe even FDRs expanded Bill of Rights, or (even better) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as defined by the United Nations (
I won’t hold my breathe on seeing anything like this any time soon, unless we find ourselves fighting off aliens (like in the movie Independence Day). The status quo is too profitable. They’d have to share their wealth and power with too many, and they wouldn’t have any “little people” to look down on.
On the other hand, climate change SHOULD be the catalyst, but of course, any real action there would be unprofitable for the Ferengi, er, I mean, the GOP and their international partners.
Posted: 2017-12-14