The Vision of *Imladris

Imladris is a vision for a family friendly, Pagan, intentional community located in Humboldt County CA. The residents of Imladris
will share a love and reverence for the Earth and for each other.

Egalitarianism will be our greatest ideal. Every resident of Imladris will have equal status with every other resident. There will be no guru’s or cult personalities among us. The community will gather on a monthly basis to discuss business matters, and decisions will be made by consensus. The execution of the business of the community will be performed by a committee of three who serve as “clerk”, treasurer and secretary for a term of office a “year and a day”. The same committee of three may not serve more than three periods in a row.

Each resident will share equally in the work of maintaining the community’s property, though some residents may be more adept at some tasks than others. Residents who have specialized skills will be expected to share those skills with the community, should those skills be applicable to the maintenance of the communities property.

Each resident will be expected to work either inside a community owned business or at a job outside the community, unless they are sick or disabled.  The community will pay for all utilities, cable, Internet service, food or whatever. A resident’s expenses for a vehicle will be their own. The community will attempt to procure a group health care, dental, etc., plan for all the residents. Perhaps even a special group auto insurance rate if possible, or a small fleet of vehicles, rather than residents owning their own.

Imladris will serve the greater Pagan community by operating a clothing optional resort / convention center where individuals and or groups can stay on the property for conventions, workshops or the like. It would be expected that these types of gatherings would happen during the summer months mostly on weekends. The remainder of the time the communes’ guest facilities would be open for use by any Pagan who wishes, much like a motel. There will be a swimming pool, hot tubs and an exercise facility for the use of both guests and residents.a

Dominating the property will be a 60 foot geodesic dome to be the central indoor meeting place, conference facility and all purpose
room. It will be equipped with a kitchen, and guests will be able to get meals there if they choose not to cook for themselves. Available facilities
will include: a 100 space campground with a shower house; 25 adjacent RV spaces; twelve guest yurts ; and two guest rooms in the main office building. It has been determined that if the commune has no more than 20 adult residents, than they could derive their entire living from running the resort aspect of the community, if open six months per year and averaging a 50 percent occupancy. Residents would have to work only six hours per day 4 days per week on average (more if there were a big convention using the facilities).

Seven  residences (multi-bedroom yurts) would be spread across the back, nonpublic side of the property. Hot tubs and ritual space would be in easy walking distance for all. Each residence will house up to 4 people.

Imladris will be a community of people who love and care for one another Everyone will leave their feelings of jealousy, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia and other societal sicknesses behind.

Children of residents will be considered the children of all, though an individual child’ s parents will have primary responsibility. All residents will share equally the burden of raising and educating them. The community may eventually have it’s own school system. It is expected that the community will share in the cost of sending it’s children to college or trade school.

The spiritual life of the community will be based on those principles and ideals laid out by the Reformed Druids of Gaia

Politics shall not be an issue within the community, though from time to time the community may decide (by consensus) to back a particular cause or whatnot. Membership in a particular Party will not be a consideration for residency in the community. Residents will be expected to exercise their right to vote and to be informed about what they are voting on, but no one will be allowed to question or ridicule an individuals political orientation.

Residency in Imladris will be open to any RDG Druid  regardless of race, sexual orientation, income, class or prior religious affiliation. Deference will
be made to those otherwise able-bodied Druids, who have suffered long term unemployment. Once established, candidates will be nominated by residents, and will be granted “trial residency” by a unanimous vote. Trial residency will be granted for a period of “a year and a day”, at the end of which the candidate will be given the opportunity to decide if the community is their “cup of tea”. Naturally they may leave anytime they wish prior to
the end of the period. It will be encouraged that candidates spend a week or so with us to get to know us before making any commitment.

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* “Imladris” comes from The Lord of The Rings, by J.R.R Tolkein. It is the “Elvish” name for “Rivendale,” the enchanted valley where the House of Elrond exists. This was a working title we used until Senior Archdruid Ceridwen came up with Dryads Rhelm Redwood Retreat.