Crapitalism is alive and well on Facebook



I’ve been on Facebook barely a week now, and I’ve received no less than 24
invitations to “be my friend” from people who either want me to buy
their porn (that group accounts for over 2/3s) or they have a business proposition
for me. One thing they all have in common is that they are all from pretty young
things in their 20s, from “the United States.”

Just so you know, I report them all as “abuse”. It makes you wonder though. First,
why do we almost always try to use sexuality to sell stuff? (Or, am I the target of these
because I”m a middle-aged male, and women get a different slant?  I’ll find
out soon enough I suppose, as my beloved Ceridwen is going to be joining Facebook
later on.) 2nd, why do they think everyone wants to see their skin?

As a naturist, I have developed some theories on that, but in fact I really don’t get it. If
I want to see nude bodies, I just have to go to my local naturist club for a few hours. But
you know, everyone looks the same – it’s their personalities, their souls, that make them
different and unique and interesting. Once you take away the clothing and the makeup, a
woman looks like every other woman. It’s the soul that shines!

You see, I believe that we are all (collectively) God. So each individual is a God or a
Goddess. Each individual is a part of our Holy Mother Earth. This is easier to grok when
one is naked with others. Naturist centers  look like Mount Olympus. Everywhere there
is beauty! From the natural environment many of these centers are set in, to the people
themselves, the God within shines forth!

We are all equals, seeing each other and accepting each other just as
we are, for who we are, based upon character, not what our bodies look like.

What if this all caught on? What if just one part of this, naturism, became the common
paradigm? Much would change in our society. The Porn industry would be dead
(since the Xtian paradigm that nudity=sexuality would become a joke). The fashion
and cosmetics industries would be victims as well (clothing itself, as a utilitarian
industry would remain, since we still have to deal with such issues as the weather,
and with industrial safety). Advertising would have to become a lot more creative,
since nudity would no longer be a sexual stimulus. Cosmetic surgery? Plastic
surgeons would no longer be able to make a living at that, although some operations
would still be performed for accident victims and the like. And that’s just
the tip of the iceburg. It also explains why Capitalism, in the guise of religious
morality, wants to keep nudity confined to the bedroom. But, as long as nudity
and sex are intrinsically tied in the common man’s psyche, sex will be used
to sell products; porn and female exploitation will remain pandemic, and Facebook
and other online communities will continue to be plagued by these “spam”acites.


12th April 2007