About Hate


Hate is hate.  The same hate that drives a gunman to shoot school children also drives terrorists to attack innocents just going about their business. The same hate drives a Prime Minister to declare war against the Palestinians. The same hate drove Hitler to murder 6 million Jews (and an equal number of others). The same hate. The same hate ferments wars across our entire planet. The same hate ferments discrimination and denies rights to women and minorities.

Hand in hand with hate is profiteering. The profiteer manipulates group A to hate group B, so that they go to war with each other, and so he can make a boat load of cash selling arms to both sides. The profiteer manipulates gun laws so that anyone can buy a gun and he doesn’t really care how that gun is used. The profiteers are the cause of all war, all killing all hatred. The profiteer does not care about politics or religion, but he uses both to create his world of profit. He makes up lies and convinces the Right Wing, and then he makes up different lies and convinces the Left Wing, and he convinces fundamentalist religious nutjobs to fly passenger planes into buildings, or convince the “righteous” that their way needs to be imposed on everyone, so they start passing laws banning books, and make women wear burqas, or take away their right to regulate their own healthcare. The list goes on and on and one. But the driving force is PROFIT. All these activities are very profitable.

But, heaven help us if people everywhere where to recognize that we are all really the same, that we basically want the same things. That all we want to do is to have meaningful work, and raise children in freedom and dignity. <sigh> But, we can’t have those things. Because we get convinced that those bad people over there have stolen our land, or are imposing their religion on us, or they are the wrong color, or they have too much money, or … whatever. What the world needs now is love. But love won’t line the pockets of the profiteers (aka, capitalists, aka Ferenghi), so we’re taught to hate. There is no reason to hate. You and I and your neighbor and the Jews and the Palestinians and the Russians and everyone who lives on this planet have a very important thing in common. Something that should be obvious, but most religions deny:


And we need to treat each other like we are. There is a Guru who runs an Ashram down near Garberville: Stephan Gabriel. He says that if only 10% of the population of Earth were to embrace the idea that each and everyone of us (those you like and those you dislike) is, in fact, G-d, we would achieve a critical mass and an end to War, to poverty, to illiteracy, to just about everything that plagues society. YOU ARE G-D. Think about it. Choose love. Stephan’s wisdom can be found at https://urgod.org