My T-Shirt design

I created this t-shirt:


CafePress rejected the design. They claimed it was anti-Semitic. Really, they did. Here is the dialogue I had with them:

CafePress reeplied:


Then I replied:

And then they said:

So, it sounds like actual people reviewed it.

Now we know why don’t won’t let me use it.

On the “Jews are Tired” FB group, I was told my design was “anti-Semitic, that it called for genocide, Makes me think that the people who are posting such utter tripe are members of Jewish Voice for Peace, a group that the ADL has identified as terrorists sympathizers.

Yet, there are worse designs on CafePress:

























I guess it all depends on who you are.  Now, for sure I got the same kinds of treatment on the FB group “Humboldt Progressives,” but I expected it there (it got so bad I left the group). There are only a handful of Jews on that group, though, they at least were sympathetic, unlike the Progressive trolls that dominated the conversation.

Here’s a use of “From the river to the sea” that I think is even more clever than mine. This is a screen shot from a Pro-Israel rally held in Manhatten this past weekend.

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