On “Reformed vs Reconstructionist” Druids


‘My idea has always been that ours (Reformed Druids of Gaia (RDG)) should be a more mystical expression of Druidry, more experiential, rather than be all tied up with the “right way” or the“authentic way (like anyone really knows)” of doing things.

Someone mentioned that we were the “Unitarians” of Druidry. Honestly, I think we are more like the “Quakers” (both are considered “fluffy” by Xtians). We need to all get out in the trees, talk to them, and clear our heads.

Someone posted this on the DWE group, and I think it’s just beautifully expressed: As Ramesh Balsekar said “One cannot but laugh and even be apparently irreverent when confronted by the fantastic super structure of superstition and mystery that has been built on and around the basic simplicity that TRUTH is!

Jean Markale said that modern efforts for an authentic Druidry are just archeology.

No I don’t believe there is an unbroken lineage between modern Druidry and ancient Druidry and no mysterious spiritual element that directly connects the two. The new ones are built on different views and information about the old one; the image, nothing more. I regard both as separate traditions, with their own authenticity suitable for their own times. There is no authentic tradition. They are all invented from people’s fantasies, experiences, superstitions, genius, creativity etc etc etc. I can just as easily find symbols of archetypal wisdom in Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings (or Science Fiction) as I can in an ancient spiritual tradition or a made up tradition.

In Druidry what makes it authentic is the trans cultural spiritual element within it, perhaps like Awen and Nwfre. Somewhere these energies have their equivalents in other traditions. Their experience does not depend on culture or any of its traditions. In the end tradition is just provisional, it is not the answer that humans are looking for, it is just a structure built around an essential experience. Druidry is just a finger pointing at something. Don’t get obsessed with the finger, look at what it is pointing at. That means that at one point the finger must be relinquished, you have to give it up when it has fulfilled its use.

In Buddhism there is an image of a boat that is used to cross the river. Druidry is a boat, a vehicle, that helps you on your journey. On the other side you cannot take it with you, you must leave it behind for others to use and carry on with a different journey in your life. For me Druidry points at one way of being human of living on this Earth. My Druidry does not define my humanity, my Druidry is at the service of my humanity and the Earth, as all traditions should be.Beautifully said! I think that really expresses the core of Reformed Druidry.