Why some Progressives hate Jews, er, Israel



The real problem is that Israel fights back when she is attacked and she has superior armaments. This was not always the case. Jews in the diaspora suffered innumerable attacks – murder, rape, slavery, genocide, the holocaust. That is a major reason the state of Israel exists. Jews have returned to their homeland and can now fight back.

Because Israel is able to defend herself, Progressives see this as proof that Israel subjugates her Arab citizens. Charges against Israel include colonialism (yet Jews have lived in the land now called Israel continuously for 5,000 years), genocide against Arabs (so how is it that the Arab population of Israel has grown by leaps and bounds over the last seventy years?), Apartheid (yet Arab citizens serve in the IDF, in the Knesset, as Doctors, Lawyers, can operate businesses, can vote, can marry whomever they wish — all things forbidden to Black people under the South African apartheid regime).

Why does Hamas feel the need to fire 1,000s of rockets at Tel Aviv? Why does Hamas initiate these attacks from Hospitals and Schools? Why does Hamas use women and children as human shields?

The last question I can answer:  Islam views women and children as possessions. Things to use as they see fit.  Not surprising really. Mohammed was a well known  pedophile. He married his wife, Aisha, when she was six years old. Then he raped her when she was nine. He was fifty-three at the time.

They like to say that Islam is a “peaceful” religion. Yet within the Koran there are thousands of verses which say that unbelievers should be killed. The early history of Islam shows a religion hell bent on taking over the world.


Palestinian Arabs are not the problem.

Their leaders are the problem.