I changed the name of my blog



I got to thinking that “Applehood and MotherPie” was too much a part of my past, particularly my adolescent past (since that was the name of my High School underground newspaper).  So I decided to change it, to something a bit more serious and more reflective of whom I am today:

Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd

האמת נגד העולם

La vérité contre le monde

The Truth Against The World

There it is, in Welsh/Bretagne, Hebrew, French and English.

That happened in August 2019. I’ve evolved some more, and my spiritual home, the Reformed Druids of Gaia. has evolved with me. Our newest incarnation reflects a more Hindu characteristic.  In fact, we discovered that many of the things we have been learning and teaching have much in common with the Hindu way of looking at things. So, Hin-Druism has been born.  Another personal thing that has evolved is that as I get older I am finding myself much much more drawn to the faith of my mother, so this blogs name has been made over to reflect that as well.

Welcome to  הטבע הוא טוב Nature is GOOD, where we attempt to explain Nature through HinDruism & Druidaism (Hindu – Druidry, and Druid Judaism).

You’re welcome!

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