The Jewish Problem (or,the Jesus Problem)


White supremacists generally hate the Jews.  They blame the Jewish people for every imaginable evil they can conceive of.  The Jews are said to be the masterminds behind the alleged conspiracy to bring about a One World Government.  They are the ones who direct the Illuminati, the Masons and are directed themselves by the Anti-Christ.

The problem we encounter here is that these same white supremacists are said to be Christians. They say they believe in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. Many of them go to fundagelical churches and are behind the movement to bring the ten commandments back into our schools.  Indeed, many of these people are part of the Christian Identity and Christian Reconstruction movements. Both of these groups believe that the United States was originally founded to be a Christian nation. That non-Christians (and non-whites) have no business being here in the first place.  They erroneously point to the founding fathers and say they were Christian men who believed in the Bible (most were Deists who thought the Bible was a fairy tale).  They would like to see this country returned to it’s Christian roots, with the Bible being taught in every school (along with a reinstatement of corporal punishment).  Of course, the first thing they would do after reclaiming the country is to hunt down all non-whites, Jews, non-Christians, feminists and gays, and put them all in concentration camps.  We can only guess what their “final solution” would be.

But back to the problem:  They all believe in Jesus and the Bible, yet Jesus was a Jew. His parents were Jews. His God was the God of the Jews.  Every book of the old testament was written by Jews. The original books of the Bible were written in Hebrew – the language of the Jews!  Every book (except Luke) in the New Testament was written by a Jew. The whole idea of a Messiah, a savior who would redeem the world is a Jewish doctrine. Jesus’ very existence depends upon the existence of the Jews. The New Testament story takes place in the Jewish nation: Israel.  In reality, Christianity is a Jewish cult, just like Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormonism are Christian cults.  In attacking the Jews these folks are in fact attacking Jesus himself.
Jesus cannot be divorced from Judaism, and only totally stupid people can think he can.