Before you cut the cord



Cord cutting is a practice where by people stop their cable service, and take their TV watching from over the Internet.

It’s supposed to save a lot of money and that was why I tried it out. I was paying out $200 a month for TV and Internet. I had a Tivo and HBO, and 100 mps unlimited data Wi-Fi service. We acquired a Roku enabled TV, and decided we would save $100/ month using that.

It didn’t turn out quite that way.

First of all, my bill only went down by $50 for having “Internet Only.”

Then I found I had to subscribe to various and sundry streaming services to get the channels I wanted. By the time it was all set up and one, I was paying out $225 per month! Plus, the streaming services are not at all as easy or convenient to use as Tivo. We ended up watching A LOT of commercials (which on Tivo we could just fast forward through). If you stopped a program in the middle, like to have a life or something, when you went back to it it started over. You can fast forward, but not as easily. This drove my wife nuts.

So in the meantime, our Internet provider offered us a deal. We could get 200 Mps Internet, plus TV (and the Tivo) for $70/ month. Because of work, I needed unlimited data, so I upgraded the Internet to 1 Gigabite service (and unlimited data) so this brought the price back up to $124/month. Still better than $200, and with much, much better service.

So the verdict? Cord cutting is not for everyone, and you might be just better off sticking with what you have.

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