Another “Friend”


I did it again. Accepted another friend request from someone who has few friends, and only one in common with me.  But she was a young asian woman (assuming there was any truth at all to her profile).  i am a sucker for asian women.  So, this time my fault.  She did the same as the last one did: sent me a “hello” message on Messanger.  This one was different though. Sex or sexuality never came up. The daily conversations were addicting, in that she was compassionate towards me, and seemed to take a sincere interest in me.

The first clue that something was amiss was when I asked for her astrological data.  She knew her sun sign, everyone does, but she didn’t know her ascendant or moon sign.  So I offered to find out for her. I told her I needed her birth date, birth time and birth place.  Well she didn’t know the time, so I asked her ab out her birth certficate. She’s claimed to be from the PRC, and that China does not record such data to the birth certificate.  Of course, being a Scorpio I had to check that out. Well, turns out that was a lie. The Peoples Republic of China does record the time and place of birth on their birth certificates. She would have known that.  Why lie?  Because ascendants reveal the “real you.” She didn’t want me to know that.

Gradually the conversation drifted into an area I really care nothing about:finances. Eventually she began extolling the virtues of investing in cryptocurrencies, and then I realized that that was her game,  A scam to be sure.

In the meantime two banks, Silicon Valley Bank in San Jose CA, and Signature Bank in NYC both failed. The faliure of both banks was creditied to their heavy investments in  CRYPTO CURRENCY.  The same thing that miss scammer was trying to get me to invest in.

I’m thinking she wasn’t a she at all. Some fat white kid laying on a hide-a-bed in his mother’s basement. It was all so stupid, and she was very convincing. Almost.