Piss On “White Supremacy”

Piss on the Aryan Nations

The above graphic represents all of the “White Supremacy” organizations that I am aware of. These “people” labor under the delusion that there is something really superior about being white. Generally speaking, it can be said of those who believe these outrageous lies are illiterate, uneducated morons, who need to feel that they are better than everyone else. It’s either that or a mass suicide. I’m trying to figure out which would be better for society.

The Mythological Factor.
Pretty much all of the civilizations of Europe have Gods and Goddesses who are blond or white haired, light skinned, and blue or green eyed.  This is true of the Greeks, the Scandinavian and the Teutonic cultures (Aryans) especially. (The Celts seem to be an exception to this.)  But, with the exception of the Scandinavians, how many of those peoples today have light features?  Certainly there are incidents of “lightness” among all of them, but the vast majority tend to be dark, with black or brown hair, and brown eyes. Why?  The dark traits are dominant ones; the light traits are recessive.  You need lots of “blond genes” to get blond hair, but have one “black gene” in the mix and you’re going to have brown hair, regardless of how many blond genes you have.  So, how did these originally blond haired, blue eyed people get their black hair and brown eyes?  Enter the Moors.

The Moors
(a word taken from Muir, which means “black”) were an African people who traded heavily throughout the Mediterranean.
They were especially influential in Spain, where much of their culture has been preserved.  The character Othello, in Shakespeare’s play of the same name, was a Moor.  The Moors intermarried throughout the Mediterranean and Europe. So widespread was their genetic influence that today there are no pure-blooded white people left, except in such isolated countries as Iceland.  The Moors are not the only people to have spread their genes far and wide, but due to the fact than their
genes were dominant, they have had the most impact.

The opposite situation happened among the Celts.  The Celtic peoples originated in the Indus valley and spread across Europe. They were originally (and for the most part are still) a dark people, with brown hair and brown eyes.  Today they are mainly concentrated in the British Isles and in Brittany.  Breton Celts still retain their original dark characteristics.  But Irish
and Scottish Celts tend toward red hair and green eyes.  Why?  Because the Vikings (Saxons) raped their way down the coastlines of Ireland and Scotland.  The Scottish and Welsh tended to intermarry with the Saxons who eventually settled along the coasts, and the light, recessive genes gained a foothold.  Brown hair and brown eyes are still dominant however, with many families “throwing a blond” from time to time.

So what does all this mean?
It means that the so-called “pure Aryan white race” is at best a historical thing of the past, and at worst a myth.  It means that the supposed superiority of the white race is impossible to prove, since there are no true whites left.  It means we all have a little “nigger” in our bloodline somewhere, and that we are all genetically equal.

It means that the poor illiterate white-trash red-necks that make up the membership of such stupid organisations as the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations are going to have to find some other means to enhance their self-worth other than the color of their skin. They might actually have to get off the stool and get an education.

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