Pagan Conservatives? Libertarians”? WHAAATT!?


Believe it or not there are some Pagans who identify themselves as “Conservatives.”
Some even belong to the Republican or (even worse) Libertarian Parties.
They mostly voted for George Bush.

It’s frustrating. For Pagans, the number one issue has to be the environment,
yet these Pagans voted for an administration that has wiped out 50 years
of progress on protecting the earth mother, and supports corporations
whose main goal is to rape, pillage and plunder the entire eco-system
our of existence – for profit. Likewise, they voted in favor of a war
— guess what folks — modern warfare is a gross
. Even without using chemical, biological and nuclear weapons,
modern explosives throw millions of pollutants into the atmosphere, wipe
out entire ecosystems and destroy not only human life, but all other life
as well.

A woman’s right to govern her own body is under attack as well, from so called “pro-life”
people. But they are not pro-life, they are anti-sex. It’s not about saving
babies, it’s about controlling who and what and when and where a woman
may experience pleasure. This is why these same folks are against sex
education and condom usage/instruction in schools, and why they would
ban all forms of birth control if given the chance.

In real “pro-life” there would be consistency. They would be against
the death penalty, they would be against war. They would be for a national
health insurance plan, they would be for raising the quality of life for
the millions of people living at or below the poverty line.

What they are for is a return to a slave economy. What they want is to make women second
class citizens again, pumping out babies — cheap labor for their war
machine, and more profit for themselves.

The reality though, is that these “Pagan right wingers” have ineptly voted
for an administration backed by people who would impose a Puritan
Christian theocracy
on this entire country if given the chance. No,
it’s not enough for fundy’s to seek converts — they want to impose the
whole fundy lifestyle on people who are not Christian and never will be,
and all the suffering, dysfunctionality and co-dependency that the Christian/Puritan
lifestyle (and work ethic) entails. How Pagans could have swallowed this
crap is beyond my ability to reason it out.

If they have their way, I will get the chance to find out. It will become a topic
of conversation amongst us in the new Christian gulags, while we await
our executions together for not believing in the right God.