Facing the Facts About Palestine


As someone who has spent some time in Israel, it is disturbing to me how many new groups there are on Face Book that are calling Israel “Fascist” and “imperialist” (Israel – one of the most Socialist states on the planet – in my experience). So called “Progressives” condemning Israel for defending itself against the recent barrage of unprovoked rocket attacks coming from Gaza, and hidden in civilian occupied areas (thereby using their own families as human shields). I’ve reported a couple of these groups to FB, but they can’t find anything wrong even though some of these groups are blatantly anti-Semitic. Now, I’m not defending Israel (as a Pacifist I never see violence as a solution to anything), but these groups, at the very least are hypocritical.

Well, face facts, and read history: They’ve been fighting over “Palestine” for 70+ years or so now.  But no one cares that history records that Palestine was once both the area that Israel covers and the area Jordan covers, and that 90%of Jordanians are Palestinians. IOW, they’re fighting about nothing. Jordan IS Palestine, and it’s a hell of a lot bigger than even post 1967 Israel (which is about 1/3rd of pre 1948 Palestine), so why don’t the Palestinians just move to their country (Jordan)? Why,? Because Muslims want to control the world, and subjugate all the women and “infidels.” Now, I don’t have anything against Muslims (except the Taliban, Jihadist types, who are much like our Fundy  Xtians) but the idiots shooting rockets into Israel aren’t moderates, grok? Here’s an unbiased website that explains it all:http://www.jordanispalestine.com/ There was one site that accused Israel of being Facist (how one of the most Socialist countries on the planet can be labeled “Fascist” is beyond reason, but notably the same reasoning used by our Tea Bag faction when they talk about President Obama). But we all agree that the Nazi’s were Fascists right? Read this letter, written 2 November 1943:

“‘To the Grand Mufti: The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its inception, inscribed upon its flag the fight against the world Jewry. It has therefore followed with particular sympathy the struggle of freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers. In the recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world. In this spirit I am sending you on the anniversary of the infamous Balfour declaration my hearty greetings and wishes for the successful pursuit of your struggle until the final victory “ Reichsfuehrer S.S. Heinrich Himmler”


The Mufti al-Husseini would spend the rest of the war in Nazi Germany and the occupied areas in Europe. These so called “Progressives” called for their kind to boycott our elections in 2010 and 2012, because Obama wasn’t “Progressive” enough. Well, even I acknowledge that Obama has been to the Right of Richard Nixon on a number of issues (On the other hand, Nixon wanted a national health care system that was single payer, he instituted wage and price controls during his recession, he imposed the 55 MPH speed limit when gas prices went through the roof in the ’70s; all of which would be denounced as “socialist” today). Anyway, we see how well their boycott of the 2010 elections went: Tea-Bag Republicans took over the House and gained back part of the Senate, plus a huge amount of entire governments among the states, who then turned around and instituted a whole barrage of anti-democratic, racist, and anti-woman legislation, none of which would have happened in Progressives would have voted in 2010. Happily, this did not reoccur in 2012 (thanks actually to being shown what happens when Progressives stay home) and we actually took back some ground. But you have to wonder, who are these guys REALLY working for?  Why are they against an actual Progressive state like Israel, and for the Palestinians (many backed by the Taliban) who once in total control, would force their populations back to the middle ages? What I find most interesting, is that ten years ago, maybe more, MY OPINION as stated above WAS the Progressive/Liberal thinking on this issue. When the hell did that change? And why? They were right then. They are wrong now.

Another new idea is that somehow the Palestinians are equivalent to Native Americans. This is so ridiculous and stupid it is hardly worth commenting on. The fact is there have always been Jews in the region (they’re called Sephardic Jews). Long before the term “Palestinian” was invented, the Sephardim inhabited the region. For a pretty in depth look at this, see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-shasha/understanding-the-sephard_b_541033.html