What accounts for the Progressive love affair with Islam?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Progressives, who should know better, constantly vilify Israel for such crimes (none of which exist in historical reality) as genocide, apartheid, colonialism, and occupation, but on the other hand pay no mind to Moslem crimes such subjugation of Women, persecution and murder of LGBTQ Moslems, and terror attacks on Israeli civilian populations.
At the same time, Progressives knowingly embrace the lies and distortions of the Islamic BDS movement, which attempts to erase the indigenous Jewish historical record and replace it with made up affirmations of “Palestinian” historical presence in Eretz Israel.

Israel, the only democracy in the middle east is vilified, while numerous totalitarian Islamic governments receive no attention at all.

Makes you wonder.

Progressives, when functioning outside of Israel, are all about the rights of women, LGBTQ, people of color, voting rights and are usually proponents of peaceful solutions to international problems.  Except that when it comes to the subjects of Palestine and Israel, women forced to wear burkas, LGBTQ people being thrown from the tops of buildings, “Trumped” up elections, women and children being used as human shields, military operations performed from schools, hospitals and residential areas, and the blatant missal attacks launched from Gaza onto Tel Aviv are all justified and happen with out notice.

It’s interesting. Jews are not white. Not really. But they are when Israel is charged with colonialism, but not when viewed through a white supremacist lense.

I suggest that American Progressives just don’t like Jews. That explains all the hypocrisy.

Anything, anything at all, that “Palestinians” do is okay because 1) They are viewed as being persecuted,  and 2) their religion justifies, even requires, their behavior.

On the other hand, (and mostly because the IDF is better equipped than Hamas), anything the Israelis (Jews) do is anathema (even defending their own right to live).

What about Jewish Progressives?  You know, those who, like myself, applaud “The Squad” for their stands on domestic situations, but wish they would shut up about Israel?

Where do we stand? When do we get a break?