Dateline: 9-October-2023


I’ve been posting my ear worms to Facebook over the last six weeks.
An ear worm is a spontaneous piece of music that plays in your head.  I’ve often wondered why people buy MP3 players or listen on their phones, when subconsciously we seem to have our own built in MP3 player in our brains, only thing is that we have no control over ear worms, or at least not a conscious one.

Recently, most often, my ear worm has been HATIKA.  Here’s why (I think):

I didn’t sleep well last night.  Actually, since the Fascist Terrorist group, HAMMAS, launched a war against Israel I’ve slept hardly at all.

I keep making the mistake of reading email before bed. You see, I am subscribed to a lot of Jewish e-groups, and all of them are documenting the unprecedented terror Jews in Israel are now enduring.

I read about a family of five (three girls) whose kibbutz is located near the border with Gaza. Terrorists invaded their home and shot everyone of them dead.  They shouted “Allah Akbar” as they fired their weapons.  In another instance, the father was tied up and gagged, while the terrorists raped the mother and all three girls (the youngest was five). Then they shot the husband dead and carted the women off to who knows where.

The terrorists are indiscriminately going from house to house and murdering men, women, children and the elderly.  Israel reports over 900 Israeli’s are known to be dead, several thousand injured and several hundred taken hostage and hidden away in Gaza, more than likely to be tortured and/or used as human shields when the ground assault begins..

The Right Wing in the United States likes to broad-brush the Left Wing by stating that HAMAS is a Leftist group.  That is simply not true. Leftist groups are for the most part pro-democracy. HAMAS is not pro-democracy. They are in favor of autocracy, and that is the type of government that is in place in Gaza and parts of  Judea/Samaria (also known as the “West Ban”).  Left Wing groups are supportive if LGBTQ rights.  In Gaza, if it becomes known that you are Gay, you get thrown off the top of a building.  Left Wing groups are supportive of woman’s rights. In Gaza, women have no rights, as is generally true of most Islamic countries. In the extremes, women are forced to wear burqas, are not allowed to drive or receive higher education (and in some places, ANY education), and are generally just baby manufacturing machines, subject to the will of their masters (husbands).  Of course the Right wants’ to paint this picture of  HAMAS because they themselves are guilty of advocating for all these things (a Xtian version of Sharia Law, if you will).

HAMAS does not represent the desires and needs of Palestinians. In fact, only a very fringe minority group of Palestinians support HAMAS, and even fewer desire the type of government Hamas would put in place. The problem with Palestinians lies not with the general population, who are just regular folks who want to live in Peace and raise their families in Peace. No, the problem lies with their leaders: radical Islamists who desire the establishment of a Caliphate, and the institution of Sharia Law.

The other side of the coin is that the Left Wing (Progressives) have embraced the “Palestinian Cause,” but the cause they have embraced is the wrong one.  In fact the cause Progressives in the United States have embraced is the Fascist, autocratic cause of HAMAS, an organization who, as I have already pointed out, stand against everything Progressives say they stand for. One can only wonder about such strange bed fellows. On the other hand, one can see the cause of it all. one famous Progressive states that the Palestinian people are the victims of apartheid, colonialism and even genocide, and, because he’s famous, Progressives have jumped on the band wagon, not thinking things out for themselves. “If so-and-so says it, it must be true,” even if history is witness to a totally different narrative.  When history doesn’t line up with popular opinion, then history is no longer history, but a made up narrative.  What I find most interesting is that these shenanigans pust both Progressives and Conservatives to take the opposite sides of their own narratives, leaving one to wonder who is pulling which groups strings, and for what purpose.

I do find in interesting that the HAMAS attach on Israel came at a time when our House of Representatives has no leader, and our Senate’s hands are tied in naming an ambassador to Israel, both situations being the result of Republican inaction. One wonders maybe that Iran and Putin have the ear of certain Senators and Congressmen.