Basic Middle-East History 101


The Ottoman Empire was defeated in WW1, permanently dismantled, and the world
powers (‘international community – League of Nations’) then divided up the land
throughout the middle-east region that the Ottoman Empire had been colonizing/occupying.
‘Mandates’ (British & French) were then established. Pertaining to the geographical
area known as ‘the land of Israel’, there’s a reason why the entire international
community granted Jews LEGAL rights of ownership to that land, beginning with the
1917 ‘Balfour Declaration’.

The League of Nations organization was MUCH more honest 100 years ago, compared
to the corrupt – anti-Semitic United Nations of today. The world powers knew and
acknowledged 100 years ago that it was the Jews and not ARABS (‘Pa-LIE-stinians’),
who had been inhabiting that land longer than anyone else on the planet … 3,000+
consecutive years.

That’s why the Jews were given IRREVOCABLE legal rights of ownership to their
‘Jewish National Home’ (land of Israel), in the early 1920’s. Arabs were actually
granted legal rights of ownership to nearly 90% of the entire middle-east region
but that DID NOT include Jerusalem, or the land between the Mediterranean sea
and Jordan river. NOBODY 100 years ago in the League of Nations organization,
ever documented any land as being  ‘Palestinian land’. That little 2-word
catch-phrase slogan (‘Palestinian land) that the Israel-haters use today, only
came into existence after the 1967 war.