How can you be a Progressive and a Zionist?


Aren’t these two ideological positions mutually exclusive? Not at all.

First let’s define what each of these ideologies consist of.

What is a Progressive?

I believe that the Congressional Progressive Caucus are the experts when it comes to defining what Progressives believe. They define a Progressive as one who:

1) Advocates  justice, dignity, and peace for all.

  • Progressives believe that government must be the great equalizer of opportunity for everyone. Progressive House members are committed to passing legislation that advances justice, dignity, and peace for all people.
  • Realizing the goal of a universal, high-quality, Medicare For All health care system for all.
  • Advocating the right of every American to retire with security and dignity.
  • Ending poverty and income inequality and securing a living wage for all people.
  • Protecting the fundamental right to organize.
  • Ending mass incarceration and advancing equal justice under the law.
  • Taking urgent, inclusive, and transformative action on climate change.
  • Upholding the fundamental reproductive rights of all people.
  • Ending our forever wars, cutting the bloated Pentagon budget, and prioritizing diplomacy.
  • Advancing humane, fair and just immigration laws.
  • Advancing racial justice and equity.
  • Tackling systems of oppression and dismantling structural racism and discrimination.

2) Embedded in our nation’s history is a painful legacy of oppression, racism, and genocide. Progressives believe that elected leaders have an obligation to confront this legacy and dismantle the systems of oppression and discrimination that allow racism to persist in this nation. In order for any legislation to be truly inclusive and transformative, it must advance the goal of racial justice.

  • Advocating racial justice and equity in every policy.
  • Supporting a truth commission and reparations to address and repair the continued effects of slavery and discrimination.
  • Transforming our budgets and priorities to reinvest in Black, Brown, and indigenous communities and reimagine the role of institutions that exacerbate injustice and inequality.
  • Challenging harmful stereotypes and efforts that demonize immigrant, Black, Brown, indigenous, and LGBGTQ communities and actively opposing any legislation or policy that marginalizes those communities.

3) Taking on systems that privilege the wealthy and powerful to demand a government and economy that works for the people.

Progressives believe elected officials should be beholden to the people, not to wealthy donors and powerful CEOs. Progressives reject pay-to-play and revolving door politics and fight for a democracy where the power is in the hands of the people, not concentrated among the rich and well-connected. Progressives reject the failed politics of the past that prioritized the deregulation of financial industries and big polluters and tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations over the well-being of the public. Progressives support bold policies to close the gap between the rich and everyday Americans and ensure our government delivers essential services to every person in this country.

  • Ensuring regulation of industry with strong consumer protections.
  • Strengthening oversight of financial institutions.
  • Democratizing our society by getting money out of politics, eliminating political corruption, and protecting and expanding access to the ballot box.
  • Ensuring that all of our economic and tax policies address or decrease income inequality.
  • Protecting the federal government’s role in delivering essential goods, taking on monopolies, and disciplining markets.

4) A commitment to sweeping, transformative change.

Recognizing that the problems facing this country are enormous, Progressives are committed to delivering solutions that meet the scale of the crisis. Faced with decades of disinvestment in working class communities, unprecedented income inequality, and a federal budget that fails to meet the needs of millions, Progressives believe that Congress must take sweeping action to deliver the bold policies that this moment demands. The challenges facing this nation are structural — and Congress must be deliberate and explicit in dismantling these institutional barriers to prosperity, peace, and justice.

  • Demanding bold and visionary legislation to address the needs in every community and rejecting incrementalist approaches that fail to deliver urgent transformative change.
  • Opposing counterproductive and false narratives on government deficits that have led to decades-long disinvestment in low-income communities, communities of color, families, and working people.
  • Reversing decades-long disinvestment in low-income communities, communities of color, families, and working people.
  • Delivering structural change that unrigs the rules for working people and forces the wealthy to contribute to our shared prosperity.

What is a Zionist?
In general it is a person who advocates for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel.

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, Zionism has come to include the movement for the development of the State of Israel and the protection of the Jewish nation in Israel through support for the Israel Defense Forces.

From inception, Zionists advocated tangible as well as spiritual aims. Jews of all persuasions – left, right, religious and secular – formed the Zionist movement and worked together toward its goals.

The fact is, Zionists have always been Progressives  and this is why Jews have historically taken a liberal stance on social issues and why a majority of Jews in the United States are members of the Democratic Party.

I have read, from people on both the Left and the Right, that  Progressive Zionism is an oxymoron. But these are people who wish to divide the Jewish community by saying a Zionist cannot advocate for Progressive values or that a Progressive cannot advocate for Zionism. But the truth of the matter is that a true Zionist naturally advocates for Progressive values (in fact Zionism itself is a Progressive value) and a true Progressive is naturally supportive of the Jewish peoples right to  a homeland in their indigeonous, historical territories.

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Why are Progressives so vulnerable to the Band Wagon fallacy?


As a progressive, it can be disheartening to see how easily some of our fellow liberals fall prey to the band wagon fallacy when it comes to the ”

“palestinian”-Israeli conflict. Despite our commitment to social justice and critical thinking, many of us have become vulnerable to this flawed logic, which only serves to perpetuate the injustice faced by “palestinians.”

So, why are progressives so susceptible to this fallacy when it comes to the “palestinians?” The answer lies in our deeply held values and beliefs.

Progressivism is rooted in a strong sense of empathy and the desire to fight against oppression in all forms. We are champions of marginalized and oppressed communities and strive to create a more equitable and inclusive society. As such, it is only natural for us to empathize with the plight of the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to decades of displacement, violence, and discrimination.

Additionally, progressives value diversity and are constantly seeking to understand different perspectives and experiences. This can be a double-edged sword when it comes to the Israeli-“palestinian” conflict. On one hand, it has allowed us to see the “palestinian” narrative and recognize the systemic injustices they face. However, it has also made us vulnerable to the band wagon fallacy, where we jump on the popular and dominant narrative without fully examining the facts and complexities of the situation.

Sadly, the Israeli-“palestinian” conflict is often portrayed as a black and white issue, with one side being the oppressor and the other the oppressed. This narrative is further perpetuated by the media, which tend to oversimplify the complex realities on the ground. As progressives, we must recognize that this binary narrative is not only inaccurate but also harmful.

Furthermore, as progressives, we are passionate about social justice and speaking out against injustice. This passion sometimes leads us to act impulsively, without taking the time to fully understand the nuances of the situation. In the case of the Israeli-“palestinian” conflict, this can result in blindly supporting the “palestinian” cause without fully examining all the facts and perspectives.

But here’s the thing, our desire to fight against oppression should not blind us to the fact that the “palestinian”-Israeli conflict is a complex and multifaceted issue. It is not a simple case of good versus evil, and we must resist the temptation to jump on the band wagon of popular opinion.

It is vital that, as progressives, we approach this issue with critical thinking and a nuanced understanding of the historical, cultural, and political complexities at play. We must resist the urge to oversimplify the situation and instead engage in open and honest dialogue with people from both sides of the conflict.

Moreover, it is crucial for us to recognize that supporting the “palestinian” cause does not mean demonizing or delegitimizing the state of Israel. We can and should speak out against human rights violations and injustices, but we must also acknowledge Israel’s right to exist and defend itself.

In conclusion, the band wagon fallacy only serves to undermine the efforts of progressives in achieving social justice and equality for all. As advocates for marginalized communities, it is our responsibility to approach the Israeli-“palestinian” conflict with critical thinking, empathy, and a willingness to consider all perspectives. Let’s not let our passion for social justice blind us to the complexities of this issue and fall prey to the band wagon fallacy. Only then can we truly work towards a just and peaceful resolution for all parties involved.

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When I was a teen . . .



I am 70 years old. When I was a pre-teen and teenager, Vietnam was in full swing. Every news outlet had Vietnam stuff on it, seven days a week, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. We saw everything. Todays news reports are somewhat censored as to what is really going on, compared to the Vietnam era. I am sure that whatever is going on in Gaza is far worse than what we are seeing on TV.

Is it genocide? The very nature of war is genocide.

There have been very few wars waged where genocide, more or less, hasn’t been an occurence, and in some cases an unspoken goal. The only way (following is my opinion) to end genocide is to end war. The only way war is going to end is for every country on the planet to completely disarm. To surrender all machines of war to the United Nations. For the UN to be the only government on the planet to own weapons, and for the UN to become a planet wide government, with all countries becoming as States or Provinces of the UN. For many of us in the Science Fiction fan community, this has been a life long dream. We can pretty much thank religious extremism (fundamentalism) for the UN’s present state.

A question Progressives dare not answer


If Israel is guilty of the “occupation” of “palestine”? What is the solution? Israel’s opponents desire to eliminate Israel. “From the river to the sea” they say. So should Israelis just pack up and go back to where ever? If this is true for Israel, why isn’t it also true for the United States? “From the ocean to the ocean, free our tribal lands.” That could be the Yurok pledge. Just because our country is 247 years old and Israel is only 75 years old isn’t important. Justice is justice, right?

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“…a tissue of lies.”


This post is an answer to criticism of my previous post, Genocide and Hypocrisy
Charlie is my critic, and his writings appear after my sharing Genocide and Hypocrisy on the Facebook group, Humboldt Progressives.

Charlie:  “The first paragraph is a tissue of lies, ”
Ok, well let’s look at it carefully.

My first sentence:  It seems that the whole world is focused on Israel and “Palestine.”   Ok, well that admittedly is a bit of hyperbole.  The “whole world” is obviously not focused on the Middle East.  But a lot of folks are, and certain news outlets seem to put news of the Gaza/Israel War upfront and center, but although there is a great deal of attention, it is certainly not “the whole world.” One point for Charlie.

My second sentence: “Groups on both the Left and the Right accuse Israel of the most heinous crimes, among them being GENOCIDE or more subtly, ETHNIC CLEANSING.”
This is relatively true. (The Left Wing) Google the word “genocide” and the Israel/Gaza conflict is mentioned in the fifth reference. The ADL offers a list on their website, Most of these groups have the word “palestine” or “palestinian” in their titles.  But if you look around, you can find others. On the Left:  Communist Party of the USA, Democratic Socialists of America,  and surprisingly, they are the only two. I looked at the IWW, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and a few others.  Reference is made to the HAMAS/Israel War on all of these, but you really have to dig to find it.  The issue is not on their home pages at all. The bottom line is that for most Left Wing organizations, Israel/”palestine” has become a non-issue or an issue on the back burner. Another point for Charlie.

The Right Wing:  I scanned some of the worst of the Right Wing sites, American Nazi Party, was antisemitic, but nothing about Israel.   I looked for a website for the Ku Klux Klan, but found nothing. I am guessing that this has to do with the fact that Israeli Hackers took the Klan site down! Family Research Council: They had nothing to say either way concerning Israel.  This is surprising, as I thought I would find very pro sentiment on the Christian Nationalist organizations site.  CN’s believe we should support Israel in order to bring about the return of Christ. Some of them actually believe that Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ. Boy, are they misguided! This search was a dead end.  Now that’s three points for Charlie.

Charlie: “….the rest mostly hysterical accusations.”
Moi:  There is nothing like an adnominal attack to make things interesting. This possibly means that Charlie didn’t actually read past the first paragraph.  Can Charlie read? No bother. Here, underlined,  are links for each “hysterical accusation” I made:

SYRIA: Since 2011, 500,000 have died, I was off a little. The death toll stands at 507,000.

UKRAINEIn it’s retreat the Russian army is leaving behind mass graves and other evidence of atrocities committed against Ukrainian citizens.

ETHIOPIASince 2020, mass killings, rape, starvation the destruction of schools and medical facilities, forced displacement and arbitrary detention . . . .

CHINA: More than 1 million Uyghurs have been raped, tortured and killed . . .

MYANMARSince 2017, 730,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. Those remaining face killings, rape, torture, arson, enforced disappearances, extortion, and the withholding of medical care and food.

SUDAN:  10,000 killed, 4.5 million displaced, 1.2 million (mostly women and girls) fled to neighboring countries.

IRAQ:  50,000 Kurds dead, 4,000 villages destroyed.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC50,000 dead. 1.5 million displaced.

YEMEN: 100,000 killed, 40,000 direct casualties

So, Charlie, do you still think these are “hysterical accusations?”  <sigh> If that’s how you feel about it, then that’s how you feel about it. IS THAT HOW YOU REALLY FEEL ABOUT IT?

I might be wrong, but I think Charlies problem is that he just hates Jews, and since Jews aren’t bein accused of these other atrocities, they don’t actually exist.

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Democracy Now! — is now Hamas Now!


Democracy Now used to be a Progressive bastion of well written and accurate news source for all things Progressive and democratic. At least this was true ten years ago.  Over the past ten years however, it has become less and less “accurate” and much more so a voice for anti-semitism and anti-Zionist propaganda.

Tonight I visited their website ( and noticed that the ‘headlines” section was heavily weighted against Israel and for “palestine.” There were eleven articles, all weighted with anti-Zionist propaganda, as opposed to another eleven articles on almost any other topic. The anti-semitic articles were loaded with the usual buzzwords:  “apartheid,” “settler colonialism,” “genocide,” “ethnic cleansing,’’ “occupation,” ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

They didn’t mention the growing fashion trend in Gaza and Judea/Samaria of Burkas.  They didn’t mention the number of LGBTQ Arabs that were thrown off the tops of high rises in Gaza, or the number of children being used as human sheilds by Hamas terrorists who were subsequently killed. They are in total denial of the October 7th massacre or the torture, rapes and beheadings that occurred that day against unarmed civilians (and documented via body cams worn by the terrorists). Democracy Now(!) didn’t mention the 1,000s gunned down at the Re’im Music Festival.

You see, Democracy Now!s Amy Goodman maintains that Israel can do nothing right. She believes that the Jews need to be eliminated from “the river to the sea’ and that every lie ever told about Jews for the last 2,000 years is correct.  She believes that Hitler should have finished the job (on the other hand, she will simultaneously deny that the Holocaust ever happened).

Progressives have lost what once was a fair and accurate news source.  That just leaves us MSNBC, and even they are starting to drink the “palestinian kool aid.”

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I’ve said this before and I will say it again and again and again until every one finally groks it: there is now, and has been since 1921, an Arab/Palestinian state.

Let’s look at the history: The Balfour Declaration promised that Palestine (the Mandate for Palestine) would be a national home for Jews. Mandatory Palestine consisted of what is today Jordan and Israel. In 1921 the Brits hived off 2/3s of that land and gave it to the Arabs, thus creating Jordan. Therefore, the Brits instituted two states. Jordan is the Arab state and Israel is the Jewish state. The flags of Palestine and Jordan tell the tale, as they are almost identical.


(Flag of Palestine)






(Flag of Jordan)


Are you “Palestinian” and you don’t like Jews? Then you should migrate to your own country, Palestinian Jordan. That’s my take anyway.


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On Mankind and Nature


A zygote is a gamete’s way of producing more gametes.
This may be the purpose of the universe.

There are hidden contradictions in the minds of people who “love Nature” while deploring the “artificialities” with which “Man has spoiled ‘Nature.”” The obvious contradiction lies in their choice of words, which imply that Man and his artifacts are NOT part of “Nature” — but beavers and dams are. But the contradictions go deeper than this prima facie absurdity. In declaring his love for a beaver dam (erected by beavers for beavers’ purposes) and his hatred of dams erected by men (for the purposes of men) the “Naturalist” eveals his hatred for his own race — i.e., his own self hatred.

n the case of “Naturalists” such self-hatred is understandable; they are a very sorry lot. But hatred is too strong an emotion to feel toward them; pity and contempt are the most they rate.

As for me, willy-nilly, I am a man, not a beaver, and Homo Sapiens is the only race I have or can have. Fortunately for me, I like being a part of a race made up of women and men — it strikes me as a fine arrangement and perfectly “natural.”

Believe it or not, there were “Naturalists” who opposed the first flight to old Earth’s Moon as being “unnatural” and a “despoiling of Nature.”

If man is a part of “Nature,” and I beleive we are, how can we produce anything that is not natural? Everything that we can make anything out of occurs in Nature, and nowhere else. Just like the beaver, we produce things for our own use and (generally) for the good of our fellow human kind.

On the other hand, there is evidence that suggests that Homo Sapiens is not indigounous to this planet. Our spinal cords do not seem to be made for the gravity on this planet. This explains why millions of people endure back problems. of course it could mean that graviity on the planet increased after our evelution.

I really don’t know. Do you? Does anyone?

Genocide and Hipocrisy


It seems that the whole world is focussed on Israel and “Palestine.”  Groups on both the Left and the Right accuse Israel of the most heinous crimes, among them being GENOCIDE or more subtly, ETHNIC CLEANSING.  But the fact of the matter is that Israel is only trying to defend herself. Nothing more.  There is no plan to systematically strip Arabs of their rights, prohibit them from certain professions, or to expel them from the land completely.

There are places on this planet where Genocide is really taking place:

SYRIA: Since 2011, 500,000 have died, 10+ million have been displaced. In addition, the Islamic state has destroyed multiple historic Christian sites in order to rid the country of anything it deems un-Islamic and “idolatry.”

UKRAINE:  In it’s retreat the Russian army is leaving behind mass graves and other evidence of atrocities committed against Ukrainian citizens. In some villages, evidence show that the entire population of women, children and the elderly were massacred, that being after raping, torturing and mutilating their bodies.

ETHIOPIA:  Since 2020, mass killings, rape, starvation the destruction of schools and medical facilities, forced displacment and arbitrary detention have been perpetrated against citizens of Oromia, Amhara, and Tigray.  The death toll is between 162,000 and 600,000.

CHINA: More than 1 million Uyghurs have been raped, tortured and killed in efforts by the Chinese government to ethnically cleanse the population of China and rid the country of what has been called a “cancer” by government officials/

MYANMAR:  Since 2017, 730,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. Those remaining face killings, rape, torture, arson, enforced disappearances, extortion, and the withholding of medical care and food.

SUDAN:  10,000 killed, 4.5 million displaced, 1.2 million (mostly women and girls) fled to neighboring countries.

IRAQ:  50,000 Kurds dead, 4,000 villages destroyed.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC:  50,000 dead. 1.5 million displaced.

YEMEN: 100,000 killed, 40,000 direct casualties.

All this is going on in the world, Few people know anything about it.  The obvious fact is this: If Jews were involved in any of these other places, a lot more attention would be given. But Israel is the Jewish state, so no matter how false the accusations are, Israel is going to get the brunt of criticism.

This just boggles the mind.

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