“Progressive Zionists” of California – A Facebook Cult – er, Group


Define “Progressive Zionist.”
My definition: a person who advocates for Peace, civil rights, Democracy, Socialism, women’s rights and equality, racial justice, LGBTQ rights and equality, economic equity, voting rights, the Bill of Rights (except the 2nd Amendment) etc., and/but also recognizes Israel’s right to exist, Israel’s right to defend herself, Israel’s possession of Samaria/Judea and the right of any Jew to return to Eretz Israel.
Just wondering how others, perhaps particularly the group Admins, define it.
Also, wondering how a group defining itself as “Progressive” can practice preemptive censorship? This last question was added when I realized that my post had to be scrutinized by the Admins. Aren’t we Americans here? Doesn’t the Bill of Rights apply to all of us?
For some reason, the following post was rejected.