El, you say you are “Pro-Choice.” What about Isaiah?



Q: El, you say you are “Pro-Choice.” What about Isaiah?

A: First of all, I am pro-choice. But I am also pro-life.  I’m pro-life because I am against war, I am against the death penalty, I advocate a change to a single payer “all expenses paid” health care system.  I advocate the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, and the institution of gun laws not unlike our regulation of motor vehicles. I advocate for a scientific end to cancer and all other life threatening conditions present on this planet.  I advocate a full scale, no holds barred, war on climate change.

Q: So you think your eldest grand child should have been aborted?

A:  You’re talking apples and oranges here.  Here’s the thing: Jenny, my eldest sons girl friend, became pregnant. She was fifteen at the time. In my opinion, yes, she should have had an abortion. That would have been the most logical conclusion in terms of her future and her health.

Q: So Isaiah would never have been born.

A: I don’t believe it works that way. Here’s what I believe:  When the mother gives birth, when the fetus  inside her takes it’s first breath outside the womb, that child becomes a living soul. That is when Isaiah entered his body. Not before. Up until then the fetus was a part of his mother’s body, and that was, properly, subject to her will and any concerns for her health and well being.

The body you acquire at birth is mostly a random thing.  Basically, a group of pre-born souls hangs out in the universe, waiting to be called. When a body is available; when a fetus takes it’s first breath, the soul enters that body.  If a body is not available, than that soul just waits until one is.

So, it’s true, maybe, that  if Jenny had aborted her fetus, we would not  know Isaiah. Probably. Or, he may have hung out until Josh’s second son was born, and taken that body.  He might also have been born under much better circumstances, to wealthy parents, or highly intelligent parents  Or not. It’s all random. It’s also just has likely he could have been born to homeless people, or to minority parents, or <gap> Republicans.

In other words, Isaiah would still exist, but maybe/probably not named Isaiah.