Israel has “stolen” “Palestinian” land?



Let’s get one thing straight: when the ignorant and bigoted suggest that Israel is taking or has stolen “Palestinian land,” they should realize:

All land was purchased via the Jewish National Fund from owners except ‘ wastelands and state lands ‘ which were always in control of the former Ottoman occupiers and thereafter the British and the French after WW1.

Such an admission was made by the Arab leader the Grand Mufti to Sir Laurie Hammond at the Peel Commission 1937 and is on record for time immemorial.

Legally the geographical area of Israel includes all of the West Bank and Gaza as legally provided for firstly in the League of Nations Mandate 1923 and thereafter endorsed , ratified and legally codified in the UN Charter of 1945.

The legally binding principles of Acquired Rights , Estoppel and Uti Possiditis Juris further validate the Mandate and Charter.

No “Palestinian” land was or has ever been stolen! In fact Israel has land it has every legal right to reclaim.

Furthermore no previous UN Resolution has the ability to overturn the legal position or established legal tenets – a UN Resolution can be implemented , accepted or ignored by and is not legally binding on either party .