The Individual vs the Collective


In all things political, the individual is an illusion. Only the collective actually exists, this is because individuals cannot get anything done without forming some kind of collective. It might be a Political Party. It might be a Labor Union, even a corporation is a collective of sorts, so it doesn’t ultimately matter. Only a collective can get anything done.

This is true on the level of the universe as well. Do you really think that G-d is this singular entity that decides everything that happens in all the universes? Think again.

The entity that we call G-d, or Hashem, or Yahweh or any other of the several billion names that reference a supreme being is not a singularity. G-d is a collective. Our “separateness” from G-d is an illusion. Our individuality is an illusion.

This is because, ultimately, there is only one G-d. They are manifest in all beings, in all things, for all time and for all spaces. When you look in a mirror, there is G-d. When you look at a relative, a neighbor, a friend, there is G-d. When you look at the images of deity from any culture, you are seeing G-d. Individuality is an illusion made manifest because we exist in separate bodies, like shells, that seem to separate ourselves one from another. But when the shell drops off, we will then realize the truth that always has been. We are G-d.