About my header



My header, “Truth against the World,” is an old Union motto from the Celts. The first line is Welsh. The second is in Ogham script. The third is Hebrew. The fourth is Hindi. The fifth is English and last is French.


First I am old Union guy, and I have Breton (French Welsh), Scottish, French and Jewish ancestry (IOW, I’m an American!) The Hindi is because of late my spouse and I have been looking at Hinduism and Buddhism as additions to our Druidism. This is not saying that I believe in any gods (other than you, me and everyone else) it’s just that Ceridwen and I have been attending Kirtan sessions once a month and really enjoying those, and we find the stories of the Hindu pantheon quite intriguing.

The tag line, AKA: “Meaningless Babble,” (Mathew 6:7)  is a tip of the hat to my eldest son, Joshua Joel Arseneau, who suggested it because he’s a devoted follower of Jesus (the Jordan Peterson, Libertarian-Republican, “AMERICAN” kind, not the real kind), and because his god didn’t say anything I have presented here (except in fact, he did, if you know where to look) so therefore it’s all just crap. Last, is “Pearls before swine” (Matthew 7:6), because these writings of mine, these “Golden Apples”, “Meaningless Babble,” are my pearls. Enough said.