So call me “Redwood Eagle

Monday, September 10, 2007

My friend Tom, who is a Faery Doctor, journeyed between the worlds on my behalf and encountered a Golden Eagle and a Redwood. On his return he told me that these two totems would have a major influence on my life, so in the Native American way of doing things, I have adopted the name of my two totems (at least when online).

I know, some people say that there’s no such thing as a “personal totem”. Well, there is now. And it’s Celtic too (because I’m a Celt and therefore whatever I like or adopt is Celtic). LOL!

Of course in some quarters Tom would be considered not so right as well. He’s a Shaman actually, though he uses that term sparingly. He was trained by Tom Cowen (author of several books on Celtic shamanism). But in the picky circles, Tom’s not from the steeps and he’s not Mongolian or whatever it is, and so can’t technically be called a shaman. Whatever. I am tired of all this picky stuff. It’s our new Pagan form of Political Correctness and it has whole segments of our community (if it’s not shamanism it’s Celtic Reconstruction ism) fighting and carrying on and acting like Republicans. And Dogma building. I just hate Dogma.