Many paths lead up the mountain, but at the top we all look at the same bright moon


I believe that all belief systems (BS), even some of the monotheistic ones, have some truths to offer, even if the whole package leaves something to be desired. We can treat these systems as ‘”buffets of belief,'” picking the items we find palatable, and discarding those we find distasteful, and thus add new flavors to our own smorgasbord of belief.

There are numerous examples within Reformed Druidism of this. We embrace Robert A. Heinlein, yet eschew his ultra-libertarian leanings. He was a great writer, who told us our favorite stories, but his politics were just plain wrong. Another one is Leslie Fish, whose filk songs are genius, and gave us our orders official hymn, but like Heinlein, her politics are anathema. We admire the Dalai Lama, as his teachings for the most part are very compatible with Druidic thought. On the other hand, he is a monarchist, and would probably return Tibet to religious feudalism  I myself am particularly informed by Kabbalah. I even wear a red string! But Jewish monotheism has no attraction whatsoever to me.

We believe in, and promote, naturism. Some fundy Christians do too. Should we reject naturism then? How about polyamory? Some Mormons practice a form of that. Shall we reject the idea because of it’s associations? We embrace the idea of intentional community, and we even have a plan to implement that someday. But many Christians like the idea too. Shall we toss that idea in the trash as well?

Just my two dinars. 🙂

As are all things, YMMV!’