Humboldt Embarrasses Me


A group of about a dozen students from Cal Poly Humboldt, calling themselves the Humboldt Coalition for Palestine, staged a demonstration in front of Bayshore Mall on Sunday (12-3-2023). They made the usual false accusations against Israel (genocide, apartheid, “ethnic cleansing,” military occupation, Gaza is an open air prison, etc., ad nauseum, ad infinitum).

So stupid. Adults believing whatever lie is served up to them (are they adults? They seem to be behaving like children).

On Tuesday (12-5-2023) the same useful idiots appeared before the Eureka City Council, demanding that the city issue a proclamation condemning Israel. The council declined of course. Cities do not usually opine concerning international affairs, nor should they.

The students got what they were hoping for. Local news outlets covered the Bay Shore Mall demonstration and the Eureka City Council meeting, (as is their job) thus a mere handful of wrongly informed College students can rejoice that they got themselves on TV, spilling the lies they’ve been taught.

Humboldt it my home, but once in awhile my fellow Humboldtonians embarrass me. I should console myself though. Most likely these students will only stay here, at most, four years, then they will go back to whatever rock they crawled out from, and continue to spread their hatred for Jews in their home locations.

And that’s exactly what it is: Hatred for Jews. They haven’t said a word against the atrocities committed by Vladimer Putin in the Ukraine. Not a word about the historic suffering of our local Native population (the road to Sumak State Park is still named “Patrick’s Point Road,” honoring local Indian killer Patrick. (That seems to me to be a more pertinent cause for these). No, you see the Jews didn’t do any of these things, so we must focus on whatever alleged atrocities the Jews have committed, even the ones they didn’t.

One thing I am happy about: they didn’t show up at the Menorah lighting ceremony on the Arcata Plaza that occurred earlier this evening. That shows that at least some of them have a brain.

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