Chickasaw Mountain by Leslie Fish


This is the complete playlist of the classic Leslie Fish Filk album,

Chickasaw Mountain


  1. Mount Tam
  2. Jack the Slob and the Goddess of Love
  3. Hymn to the Nightmare
  4. The Ferryman
  5. The Challenger
  6. White Man’s Rain Chant
  7. Ship of Stone
  8. Stone Dance
  9. The Gods Aren’t Crazy
  10. Rise Up Bright Sun
  11. Berserker
  12. The Sun is Also a Warrior
  13. Lucifer
  14. The Earth’s Fire-Breathing Daughter
  15. Hallows’ Dirge
  16. No More Songs
  17. Chickasaw Mountain

The album is out of print. You can’t find it anywhere, and pretty much anyone that still has a copy has it worn it out.  So, go to Youtube, download each song, use a converter to extract the mp3 from the video, and compile it all to a CD or thumb drive. Voila!  You have Chicasaw Mountain.