Many white cops are racist


“America isn’t yet at its tipping point with police brutality. The issue doesn’t come wrapped in a neat little package that the mainstream can feel comfortable with.”

This quote from the article blows my mind. Tamir Rice was a kid, playing in a public park with a toy, and a cop shot him two seconds after driving up to him. How can that be seen any other way than as wrongful action by a cop?!

Sandra Bland was pulled over for allegedly not using her turn signal. Are you kidding me?! How is this a crime, let alone one that deserves arrest? And her death while she was being held in jail was so suspicious.

Policing in this country is racist and utterly out of control. The young folks taking the lead in the Movement for Black Lives are just as heroic as the young folks at MSD, and deserve our support and attention even more, because the criminals shooting at them wear the uniforms of the good guys.