Some thoughts on conspiracy theories

I was just reading an article over on the Alternet site ( (one of the better sources for news, really) that attempts to explain why people are drawn to conspiracy theories. Those of us who are of a magickal bent know that fear is one of the enemies of magick. Sites that deal in Conspiracy Theories are mainly dealing in fear. which almost always evolves into hatred, which is the most toxic emotion there is (it’s well known that fear and hatred can cause cancer). Now, the article in question was pretty clear as to why the average Joe is drawn to conspiracies, but what about the average Pagan?
Why are some Pagans drawn to these ideas? It boggles my mind actually. Especially when the people making the most money and the most points on these websites are Christians. The two biggest ones, and yes, they are Christians, with a Christian worldview, are David Icke and Alex Jones. One of their favorite subjects is “The New World Order.” But lets compare two websites, which both expose the same information, but draw radically different conclusions. One is Alex Jones site, and the other belongs to “The Open Cheops Committee”. The later is decidedly (but not overtly) Christian, and former has a more occult orientation, probably Gnostic. Compare these two articles about Washington DC: . from Open Cheops. , from Alex Jones “Infowars” one of many such articles from his sites.
These two examples give you some of the same information concerning Washington DC, but whereas for Jones, this information is used to spread fear and panic, the Open Cheops site uses it to prove that a better world is coming. Jones is a Christian, “Open Cheops” is an Occult/ New Age group. Who do you want to believe?
I believe in One World Government. Further, I think that perhaps it’s true concerning the Masonic underpinnings of the United States, and I theorize that the original intent of the Founding Fathers was One World Government. Why do you suppose that we have 50 States rather than 50 provinces? If you look up the meaning of “State” you’ll see that a “State” is a country. Our State Department deals with other countries, not any of the 50 states. We speak of the “State of Israel,” and the “State of France.” So why not 50 Provinces, like in Canada, like in other countries? Because the United States of America is a model for One World Government. Because the long term vision of the Founding Fathers was the “United States of Earth,” and our Constitution and system of government was designed to accommodate just such an idea. Don’t believe me? Why is “Ordo Novus Seclorum” on our Great Seal? Why is it that in the Star Trek series, we have a “United Federation of Planets?” Sounds like an expansion of the same idea to me. What I am saying here is that for Pagans, we might want to embrace the New World Order, because it’s only the Christians who seem to fear it. The mythology of NWO is all tied up into their belief of the apocalypse and the 2nd Coming of Christ, and the Anti-Christ. It’s all tied up in fear and hate and, well, Christian mythology. I don’t believe we Pagans have anything at all to fear from this stuff — IF it’s even true.IF.