Druids and Polyamory

It may be that Isaac Bonewits was the first Druid to also be Polyamorous. It’s hard to say. His “Pagan Polyamory” page makes some good points for the lifestyle, though not particularly pointed at Druids. As groups go, the Church of All Worldsis perhaps best known for promoting Polyamory amongst it’s members, being a group inspired by Robert Heinlein’s novel, Stranger In A Strange Land. But they are not the only group. Within the Reformed Druid movement, there is a group called the Order of The Mithril Star (OMS), which also takes some of it’s inspiration from Stranger In A Strange Land, and which also promotes polyamory as a lifestyle (along with naturism) amongst it’s members. Further, the OMS also wants to establish an intentional community of Pagan polyamorists in the Redwoods of Northern California, to be called “Dryad’s Realm Redwood Retreat.” This will be based on the kibbutz model, with the business of the community being a clothing-optional resort, much like Harbin or Breitenbush, both of which are “New Age” clothing-optional retreat centers, the former having been host at least once that I am aware of, of a Loving More Poly Conference. It’s all mainly a discussion though, as there currently isn’t any money for this endeavor. But we can dream can’t we? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live and work amongst several triads (or quads or…..)? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend 95% of your time surrounded by beauty; by groves of the tallest trees in the world? To be part of a community where your neighbors and co-workers live the same lifestyle you do? Who are accepting of you? To work in an environment of positive, earth consciousness?
Love and Peace!