Xtianity: Cult of Death

Xtianinty is about death.  It’s a religion whose sole purpose is to get one ready for death.  Instead of celebrating life, or attempting to make this life better, one is prepared instead for death. 

Xtianity gives everyone a choice between two possible deaths: everlasting happiness in Heaven, or everlasting
torture in Hell.  Some forms of Xtianity, like Roman Catholicism, offer a third choice: Purgatory, but this is a sort of in between place described as not much better than Hell.  We are told that everyone, regardless of culture, religion, race, whathaveyou, gets these same two choices. This puts a person born in the wilds of Borneo at a distinct disadvantage.  Unless they were “lucky” enough to have been visited by a Xtian missionary, they get to go to Hell by default.

It gets worse.  People do not go to Hell for the sins they have committed.  They go to Hell because they do not love Jesus Christ.  Let’s take Adolf Hitler, who murdered six million Jews and and millions of others, and whose legacy today survives in the hate filled insanity of white supremacists.  Let us assume that he didn’t kill himself, that someone else shot him in the mouth instead. Let’s also assume that moments before he died, he asked Jesus Christ to be his Lord and Savior and confessed his sins.  Adolf goes straight
to Heaven, no questions asked.

Now, let’s look at Lady Diana. Diana was a humanitarian who helped untold numbers of children and various charities.  She is considered by most to have been a wonderful person, a heroine.  Let’s assume that she was an Atheist.  Diana died, and she went straight to Hell, no questions asked.

Is this a just God?  Is this a fair God? No, what we have here is a co-dependent God. A God who wants to be loved, and if you don’t love him, you get tortured forever. If you don’t believe in him, you get tortured forever.  If you’ve never even heard of him (nor had the chance to), you get tortured forever.  Like a spoiled little boy whose pet gerbil bites him after being abused, he subjects those he “loves” to unspeakable torments. Nice guy eh?

Joe Smith loves Amy.  He wants Amy to love him.  But Amy doesn’t love him. She doesn’t hate him either, she’s just indifferent.  So Joe asks Amy to love him. Joe asks her to marry him and live with him for the rest of her life. Amy refuses.  She thinks Joe is an “all right” guy, but just doesn’t love him.  Joe’s dad is upset by this.  He kidnaps Amy, ties her up and keeps her in the basement, next to the furnace.  Every day he spends eight hours torturing her in most evil and “diabolical” ways he can think of.  He does this because Amy has refused to love his son, Joe.

What do you think of Joe? What do you think of his father? If you were the judge in the case of the State vs. Smith & Smith, how would you rule?   Would you  rule differently if you knew that Joe’s father were an extremely rich and powerful person?   What if he were God?

I know how I would rule.