Genocide and Hipocrisy


It seems that the whole world is focussed on Israel and “Palestine.”  Groups on both the Left and the Right accuse Israel of the most heinous crimes, among them being GENOCIDE or more subtly, ETHNIC CLEANSING.  But the fact of the matter is that Israel is only trying to defend herself. Nothing more.  There is no plan to systematically strip Arabs of their rights, prohibit them from certain professions, or to expel them from the land completely.

There are places on this planet where Genocide is really taking place:

SYRIA: Since 2011, 500,000 have died, 10+ million have been displaced. In addition, the Islamic state has destroyed multiple historic Christian sites in order to rid the country of anything it deems un-Islamic and “idolatry.”

UKRAINE:  In it’s retreat the Russian army is leaving behind mass graves and other evidence of atrocities committed against Ukrainian citizens. In some villages, evidence show that the entire population of women, children and the elderly were massacred, that being after raping, torturing and mutilating their bodies.

ETHIOPIA:  Since 2020, mass killings, rape, starvation the destruction of schools and medical facilities, forced displacment and arbitrary detention have been perpetrated against citizens of Oromia, Amhara, and Tigray.  The death toll is between 162,000 and 600,000.

CHINA: More than 1 million Uyghurs have been raped, tortured and killed in efforts by the Chinese government to ethnically cleanse the population of China and rid the country of what has been called a “cancer” by government officials/

MYANMAR:  Since 2017, 730,000 Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh. Those remaining face killings, rape, torture, arson, enforced disappearances, extortion, and the withholding of medical care and food.

SUDAN:  10,000 killed, 4.5 million displaced, 1.2 million (mostly women and girls) fled to neighboring countries.

IRAQ:  50,000 Kurds dead, 4,000 villages destroyed.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC:  50,000 dead. 1.5 million displaced.

YEMEN: 100,000 killed, 40,000 direct casualties.

All this is going on in the world, Few people know anything about it.  The obvious fact is this: If Jews were involved in any of these other places, a lot more attention would be given. But Israel is the Jewish state, so no matter how false the accusations are, Israel is going to get the brunt of criticism.

This just boggles the mind.

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