Thou ART G-D (again)


That’s it. That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The whole of reality, the whole of existence, is summed up in this simple phrase:

Thou art G-d.

That is not to say that you, by yourself, are G-d. You and your sister, and mother, and neighbor, and wife and the President and every other sentient being in the universe, together, communally, you are G-d. You might say the collective of G-d.

But you have been brain washed.  You believe that G-d is an entity outside of yourself. He’s this big guy up in the sky who looks down on the world; down on you, and judges.  What a puny, tiny, insignificant being you have made of yourself.

They say, G-d is love.  “G-d is love, and he who abides in G-d, abides in love, and love is in you.” In other words, G-d is in you. Thou art G-d.  This makes you and me equal to each other, and to all other sentient beings.

Science tells us that there is no darkness, that darkness is simply the absence of light. The truth is that you are G-d, and G-d  is the LIGHT.  EMBRACE THE LIGHT!  “You are the LIGHT of the WORLD!”  “The Kingdom of G-d is within YOU!”  “You are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end.”  All the words attributed to Christ, and to Krishna, and to Buddha and to all the other great teachers of the world, say the exact same thing” THOU ART G-D!”

G-d is like the ocean.  If you take a glass, and dip it into the ocean, that glass contains all of the essence of the ocean.  If you turn the glass over, the water it contains returns to the ocean. We, as individuals, are all glasses of water, each of which contains all of the essence of the ocean. The ocean is G-d.  We are G-d. When our physical body finally runs out of steam; when our body dies, the spirit, or soul, or atman, is released and returns to G-d.  The soul, or spirit, or atman, is Self.  The Self is composed of energy, and science teaches us that energy cannot be destroyed. It lives forever. It is the essence of G-d.

We see that in the microcosm, each cell in your body contains your DNA, and is specialized to perform specific tasks. You have eye cells, brain cells, muscle cells, etc. Yet in the all together, they make up you. So it is, that each of us embodies certain traits, certain skills, and all together we make up G-d.

What about people we don’t like? They are part of G-d as well, just as cancer cells or other diseased cells are part of you. But cancer cells do not act right. They do not know, or refuse to know, that they are part of the body. They act as individuals, and bring harm to themselves and to the whole of the body.

That, denial of self – denial that you are G-d, is sin.  It’s the ultimate sin, the sin that all other sin comes from.  Salvation?  Salvation come from acknowledging that you are G-d. Salvation comes from the realization that when you harm another person, you are harming yourself;  you are harming G-d. Matthew 25:35-40

There is a song I remember from a gathering my first wife took me to, that we called “The Happening.”  It goes like this:

Where do I see G-d? Where do I see G-d?
I see G-d in you,
in the things you do,
in the way you see,
all the things in me and in you.

I see G-d in you.
I see G-d in me.

Did you know?  Not one culture contains the truth of G-d. Not one. But many cultures, understood together contain this truth.

The Jewish mystic discipline, known as Kabbalah, seeks to find the name of G-d.  The Hindu’s already know it.  The name of G-d is OM. G-d has other names as well. Some of them are familiar to us: Christ, Krishna, Yahweh, Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Buddha, Elohim, Adonai, Leon, Ellis, Joshua, Jordan, Jesse, Aisha, Nikki, Lyndsay,  Isaiah, Jalen, Cam, Ian, Joy, Mia, Dorothy, Poppy, Lynne, Ceridwen, Karyn, Ganesha, Kali …. etc.  Others, are not so familiar: Cernunnos, Dalon ap Landu, Sequoia, Cywarch merch Dalon, Danu, Morrigan …. There are billions of names, but there is only one G-d.  G-d is neither male nor female, yet G-d expresses his self through all of us, and everyone; through Nature and the Cosmos.  Some call G-d “the Universe.”  “The universe is YOU – so share!”

Do you want to see G-d? Look in the mirror. See your self. THOU ART GOD!

You don’t believe this? Some of you will reject this teaching only because I am the one making it. Some of you will reject this because, and I hate to say it, “Thou art G-d”  means that everyone is equal. I’m not better, or worse, than you; you are no better nor worse than me, or than anyone else. You are not better. You are equal. Some people want to be better, so they come up with an elaborate scenario where they start out as, for example, sinners, and then “accept” a savior.  This is nonsense.  Get past yourself. The universe is much bigger than you. You can choose to embrace it – G-d – or not. Your choice.