The victory over Roe V Wade

The SCOTUS has begun our descent into Xtian Sharia Law. Outlawing abortion is the just the first step. Next they will do away with contraception, including condoms. Then a woman will have to prove their virginity in order to marry. Next they will take a women’s right to vote away. Then the right to drive a car; to hold a professional job; then to hold any job. Soon after schools (at least past eighth grade) will no longer admit girls.
Basically, the Fundamentalist Xtian agenda is to return women to servitude. To being baby manufacturing machines, and nothing else.
After this, say in 50 to 100 years, witch burnings will become public events.
I’m only speaking about women here. They will also do away with same sex marriage, LGBTQ rights, trans gender rights. Basically, our Xtian Taliban will eliminate anything that does not adhere to their very narrow interpretation of the Bible.
Why do intelligent people continue to vote for Republicans?
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