So ‘God’ is a ‘collective’?

So ‘God’ is a ‘collective’?


GOD: There is only One Soul, One Being, One Essence. Some of you call this “God.” This Single Essence “individuates” Itself as Everything In The Universe—in other words, All That Is. This includes all the sentient beings, or what you have chosen to call souls.

Neale: So “God” is every soul that “is”?

GOD: Every soul that is now, ever was, and ever will be.

Neale: So God is a “collective?”

GOD: That’s the word I chose, because it comes closest in your language to describing how things are.

Neale: Not a single awesome being, but a collective?

GOD:  It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Think “outside the box”!

Neale: God is both? A single Awesome Being which is a collective of individualized parts?

GOD: Good! Very good!

Neale:  And why did the collective come to Earth?

GOD: To express itself in physicality. To know itself in its own experience. To be God. As I’ve already explained in detail in Book 1.

Neale:  You created us to be You?

GOD: We did, indeed. That is exactly why you were created.

Neale:  And humans were created by a collective?

GOD: Your own Bible said, “Let Us create man in Our image, and after Our likeness” before the translation was changed.

Life is the process through which God creates Itself, and then experiences the creation. This process of creation is ongoing and eternal. It is happening all the “time.” Relativity and physicality are the tools with which God works. Pure energy (what you call spirit) is What God Is. This Essence is truly the Holy Spirit.

By a process through which energy becomes matter, spirit is embodied in physicality. This is done by the energy literally slowing itself down—changing its oscillation, or what you would call vibration.

That Which Is All does this in parts. That is, parts of the whole do this. These individuations of spirit are what you have chosen to call souls.

In truth, there is only One Soul, reshaping and reforming Itself. This might be called The Reformation. You are all Gods In Formation. (God’s information! )

That is your contribution, and it is sufficient unto itself.

To put this simply, by taking physical form you have already done enough. I want, I need, nothing more. You have contributed to the common good. You have made it possible for that which is common—the One Common Element—to experience that which is good. Even you have written that God created the heavens and the Earth, and the animals who walk upon the land, and the birds of the air, and the fishes of the sea, and it was very good.

“Good” does not—cannot—exist experientially without its opposite. Therefore have you also created evil, which is the backward motion, or opposite direction, of good. It is the opposite of life—and so have you created what you call death.

Yet death does not exist in ultimate reality, but is merely a concoction, an invention, an imagined experience, through which life becomes more valued by you. Thus, “evil” is “live” spelled backward! So clever you are with language. You fold into it secret wisdoms that you do not even know are there.

Now when you understand this entire cosmology, you comprehend the great truth. You could then never demand of another being that it give you something in return for your sharing the resources and necessities of physical life.

Neale: As beautiful as that is, there are still some people who would call it communism.

GOD: If they wish to do so, then so be it. Yet I tell you this: Until your community of beings knows about being in community, you will never experience Holy Communion, and cannot know Who I Am.

The highly evolved cultures of the universe understand deeply all that I have explained here. In those cultures it would not be possible to fail to share. Nor would it be possible to think of “charging” increasingly exorbitant “prices” the more rare a necessity became. Only extremely primitive societies would do this. Only very primitive beings would see scarcity of that which is commonly needed as an opportunity for greater profits. “Supply and demand” does not drive the system of Highly Evolved Beings.

This is part of a system that humans claim contributes to their quality of life and to the common good. Yet, from the vantage point of a Highly Evolved Being, your system violates the common good, for it does not allow that which is good to be experienced in common.

Another distinguishing and fascinating feature of Highly Evolved Cultures is that within them there is no word or sound for, nor any way to communicate the meaning of, the concept of “yours” and “mine.” Personal possessives do not exist in their language, and, if one were to speak in earthly tongues, one could only use articles to describe things. Employing that convention, “my car” becomes “the car I am now with.” “My partner” or “my children” becomes “the partner” or “the children I am now with.”

The term “now with,” or “in the presence of,” is as close as your languages can come to describing what you would call “ownership,” or “possession.”

That which you are “in the presence of” becomes the Gift. These are the true “presents” of life.

Thus, in the language of highly evolved cultures, one could not even speak in terms of “my life,” but could only communicate “the life I am in the presence of.”

This is something akin to your speaking of being “in the presence of God.”

When you are in the presence of God (which you are, any time you are in the presence of each other), you would never think of keeping from God that which is God’s—meaning, any part of That Which Is. You would naturally share, and share equally, that which is God’s with any part of that which is God.

This is the spiritual understanding which undergirds the entire social, political, economic, and religious structures of all highly evolved cultures. This is the cosmology of all of life, and it is merely failure to observe this cosmology, to understand it and to live within it, which creates all of the discord of your experience on Earth.