Trump’s war with Iran

The thing is, that now that, for all intents and purposes, we are at war with Iran, there is the argument that (and his orangeness has already stated it -surprised?) we shouldn’t remove a Commander in Chief while we are at war. The fact that he started this was I believe is an impeachable offense, but never mind. Nothing it see here. Move along ……

Let the lawsuits begin!

PG & E (Pacific Gas and Electric) is our local power and gas company.  They pretty much cover the power needs of most of California.  This past week they got the bright idea to turn off everyone’s power for 24 hours. In the original warning (which they gave only about 8 hours ahead) they stated that the power outage might last up to five days.

Why?   Last year PG&E’s faulty equipment caused some fires in Northern California, including the now infamous Paradise fire, which wiped out an entire community.  Subsequently they were sued for billions (and have entered bankruptcy), and so in order to avoid such a catastrophe again, they have this new policy where if the winds get high, they turn everything off.

As California Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters these blackouts, while probably needed right now for safety reasons, didn’t need to happen,” if PG&E were managed halfway decently. For decades, PG&E diverted spending money from building out the infrastructure and maintaining old power lines to executives pockets and lobbyists fighting regulations. If PG&E had done what a business is supposed to do, they wouldn’t have found themselves in bankruptcy court. They wouldn’t find themselves losing liability cases seemingly every other day. They wouldn’t ask California legislators to try and cover their toxic business model under a too big to fail defense.

For a few years I lived in Oregon, specifically in Ashland, home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. While living there I experienced the lowest electricity bills in my life.  Why?  Because the City of Ashland had the opportunity to purchase the power plant that served their city, and they took it! This is an example of how public ownership of a utility (Socialism) can benefit the public.  PG&E is an example of the more usual situation, where a huge greedy monopoly fills their pockets with the fortune of the public.
This is why I personally advocate public ownership of any commodity that is served by a monopoly and is essential to living. Further, I propose that Cities and Counties use their power of eminent domain to secure such monopolies.

The Republitarian Survey

19 September 2019

Dear Ronna McDaniel

You’ve sent me this three times now.  Proves you are idiots.

Where in the world did you get the idea that I am a Republican?   Boy, did you get it wrong. But what’s new? You folks almost always get it wrong. It’s like you are illiterate or something.

Before I shredded it (Mostly because it said on the envelope, DO NOT DESTROY – OFFICIAL DOCUMENT), I decided to answer parts of your survey. By the way, it’s the DEMOCRATIC PARTY, not the DEMOCRAT PARTY.  Are you really that stupid?:

Congressional District: California #02
Document Tracking Code: J19PM219

Mr. Arseneau Your Participation is Urgently Needed
As a key facet of our overall strategy to ensure President Trump is re-elected, the Republican Party is conducting a Census of key members and supporters in Congressional Districts all across our nation. The opinions registered in this document will be used to build a nationwide grassroots network that will help show that President Trump has the support of the American people to continue to move forward and act on the critical issues acing our country.

The lies in the above paragraph speak for themselves.


  1. Do you generally identify yourself as a:     DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST
  2. Which of the following best describes you:   NOT A SUPPORTER OF “PRESIDENT” TRUMP OR THE RACIST REPUBLICAN PARTY — because you are all TRAITORS.
  3. Do you plan on supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential election    NO. OVER MY DEAD BODY.
  4. Do you have any interest in serving as a volunteer to help at your local Trump “Victory” Headquarters or to assist a Republican candidate in your area?   NOT EVEN IF YOU PAID ME MILLIONS.  You guys are insane.
  5.  Which age category below applies to you?   66+
  6. How close do you think your views are to other voters in your community?    VERY CLOSE. Humboldt is a BLUE County.
  7. From what media source do you regularly receive your political news?    ALL LISTED EXCEPT FOX and Candidate Websites. I don’t listen to lies and propaganda.


  1. Do you think “President” Trump is leading our nation in the right direction, or do you feel it s going in the wrong direction?    SO WRONG WE MIGHT NOT EVER GET IT RIGHT AGAIN.
  2. Do you think that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat-ic -controlled House  are holding President Trump’s agenda hostage and putting their political interests ahead of the good of our country?
    NO.  It’s the Republicans in the Senate that are doing all the damage.  There is some hope:  Pelosi is number 3 in line for POTUS. If something were to happen to Trump and Pence (like impeachment) President Pelosi would make things right again.
  3. Do you approve or disapprove of the Democrat’s agenda to raise taxes, provide free health care and college tuition for all, open our borders to all immigrants, enact dangerous(?) abortion policies, pack the Supreme Court (Like you guys already have?), allow inmates to vote, and abolish the Electoral College.   YES to all. It’s a good start. This is just the tip of the Progressive iceberg
  4. Do you think the Democrat-ic Party as a whole is promoting a Big-Government Socialist agenda for America?  Not as a whole, but they should be. The Future is Socialism.
  5. Do you believe the national media has a strong bias against all things Donald Trump and Republican and fails to tell America’s voters the real facts about Republican policies , principles, goals and accomplishments?   NO, the media is not biased.  But the media does fail to tell the “real facts:” Like how the GOP is the party of the white, rich, oligarchical……….
  6. Do you approve or disapprove of adding a question to the U.S. Census regarding citizenship?  DISAPPROVE.  The Census is used to determine the number of people in our country, NOT the number of citizens.  Such a question is racist.
  7. Do you believe social media companies are suppressing conservative messages in order to influence pub;ic pinion and elections?   NO. If this were true Donald Trump would not be President.
  8. Do you believe that “political correctness” has gotten out of hand in America.  YES I do. Do you know who else shares that opinion? Bill Maher. He’s a liberal like me.
  9. Are you concerned that a foreign nation such as Russia. Iran or China will interfere with the 2020 Presidential Election?  VERY CONCERNED.  Why is Moscow Mitch blocking legislation in the Senate to combat this?  Is it because this is why Trump won in 2016?
  10. Please mark in order of importance (with 1 being the most important), which 5 issues you feel must be priorities addressed by President Trump and Congress. 1. Address Climate Change. 2. Put an end to Gun violence. 3. Rebuild Nations Infrastructure. 4. Fix our Nations Health Care (Give us Medicare for All). 5. Continue to Improve the Care of our Nations Veterans.
  11. Please indicate the top five issues that are most important to you in deciding who to vote for:  1. Environment, 2. Gun Control,  3. Rebuild Nations Infrastructure, 4. Fix our Nations Health Care (Give us Medicare for All). 5. Continue to Improve the Care of our Nations Veterans.


  1. How confident are you that America’s economy will continue to improve in the next 12 months?   NOT TOO CONFIDENT.  WHAT IMPROVEMENT? There has been no improvement. The Stock Market tanks every day. Trump’s policies are killing us.
  2. Which of the following is the single most important economic issue facing you and your family?  OTHER:  Climate change.
  3. Do you agree that President Trump should continue to be aggressive in working to pass legislation to create jobs, cut taxes and regulations, end economic uncertainty, and make America more competitive?   I’d like him to start.  So far he hasn’t done jack shit!
  4. Do you believe Obama Care should be repealed and replaced or simply fixed?    Medicare for ALL! Medicare for ALL! OUTLAW PRIVATE INSURANCE! MEDICARE FOR ALL!!
  5. Do you support Republican efforts to enact a market-based health care system and Health Savings Accounts that would allow Americans to control  their own medical care?     Uhm, this is what we had before Obama Care. It didn’t work then and it won’t work in the future.  The only ones who had control over medical care were huge insurance companies. Americans don’t want your bull shit. They want Medicare for All. 
  6. Do you support President Trump’s efforts to secure our nations southern border by building a wall?  NO. Big waste of money.
  7. Do you support cancelling all federal funding to sanctuary cities that fail to enforce U.S. immigration laws?  NO. That’s just institutionalized racism.
  8. Do you support creating a skills-based immigration system that is more responsive to the needs of our economy and preserves the quality of jobs available to American Workers.    It is a fact: migrant workers do the job Americans don’t want to do. Like picking lettuce …..
  9. Do you support President Trump in his determination to appoint judges who will adhere to strict Constitutional principles and not use the court to advance their personal ideologies?    <LAUGHING>   IF that what he was doing, sure I would.  BUT he’s doing exactly the opposite. He’s a hypocrite for point one.
  10. The Democrats’ fixation on “climate change” has led to costly regulations that are negatively affecting our nation’s economy across-the-board. Do you think climate change is a major threat to our nation?    YES!!!   The hurricanes are getting bigger and bigger. Tornadoes are getting stronger and stronger. When will you wake up?  Maybe when Florida is under water?  Then it’ll be too late.
  11. Do you think race relations in America ar getting better or worse?   WORSE.  But mostly because Trump is a white supremacist supported by white supremacists.
  12. Do you agree with President Trump that fixing our nation’s inner cities and working to rebuild our crumbling highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, and hospitals must be a top federal priority in the next few years.   I would have if he had ever said this, but he hasn’t. In fact he hasn’t lifted a finger to improve any of these things.
  13. Under President Trump’s leadership, improvements have been made to ensure our nations Veterans receive the quality of care and services they deserve. Yet much remains to be done. Do you believe that Republicans should push for additional legislation to be passed that will address problems still confronting the Department of Veteran’s Affairs?    WHAT A CROCK OF LIES!   The only “solution” you nitwit’s have come up with is to try to privatize the thing.
  14. Do you believe more federal laws that impede individuals’ Second Amendment rights are the proper response to gun violence in our nation?  I BELIEVE that it is time to repeal the Second Amendment. 
  15. Is President Trump right to pursue fair trade deals an renegotiate present trade policies with other countries as a means of boosting America’s economy buy protecting and creating jobs, increasing America’s wages and reducing our nations trade deficit?   Well, he certainly has failed at that hasn’t he?  Just like every other business he’s been in, it’s all about failure and bankruptcy, on a National level.


  1. Do you support rebuilding our nation’s military by expanding our military investment?      NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We already have the most expensive military on the planet. How much more do we really need? Do you know that our nation has only been at peace for 22 out of 243 years?  Very little had to do with our Freedom.
  2. Which of the following do you think will have the mpost impact on America’s foreign policy in the next 5 years?    Well when Iran get’s a nuclear weapon, the result of Trump backing out of our agreement with Iran, that’s going to have a impact.
  3. Should America take military action, if necessary, to keep Iran or any nation from using nuclear weapons?     Let Israel take care of it, and back up whatever they decide.
  4. Do you support or oppose the United States sending ground troops to ares to destroy ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist group?  Let Israel take care of it, and back up whatever they decide.
  5. Do you agree with Republicans’ commitment to continue to fully fund a “missile defense shield” for our nation to protect us from future missile threats?   Sounds like a HUGE defense contract for us to pay for that we do not need.  Remember what Republican President Eisenhower said about the “Military Industrial Complex?”
  6. Should the U.S. take a more muscular attitude toward Russia and China as they move to establish themselves as military and economic superpowers?  NO. But Trump needs to quit kissing Putin’s ass.
  7. Do you approve or disapprove of President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Iranian nuclear accord?  DISAPPROVE, because, 1, now the Iranians really will get themselves a Nuke, and 2, the ONLY reason Trump did this is because Obama is black.
  8. Do you support President Trump negotiating with Kim Jong-un to try to get North Korea to give up it’s nuclear weapons?    How is that working out? Seems like Kim ass is just getting redder and redder from Trump’s kisses.
  9. Do you agree that our federal government must go all out to combat cyber attacks on our nation’s government, businesses and infrastructure? INDEED.  Start with getting out Election system shored up against Russian attacks.  Maybe start by NOT ALLOWING VOTING SYSTEMS TO BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET!


You should be aware that I consider all of you Republi-tarians  (Republican Libertarians) to be TRAITORS if not Terrorists to the Constitution. Trump and his traitor friends, like “Moscow Mitch,” should be hung from the nearest tree for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Mr. Trump is not capable of telling the truth, and relies on media liars like Fox News for support of his traitorous agenda.

I think that when the Democrats take over both the House and Senate (and the White House) next fall, that legislation to outlaw the Republican Party once and for all should be a high priority. After all, it was done to the Communist Party back in the ‘50s and you folks have proven that you cannot win an election with out help from gerrymandered  Congressional districts, outright voter suppression and racist electoral policies.   Or it seems without help from our sworn enemies, the Russian Federation.

This is not to say that I don’t think Mr. Trump has done some good. He has: moving our Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, and recognizing Israel’s sovereignty  to the Golan Heights were  two of them.  But Americans must come first. Here he has failed.

I’m 66 years old. My dream is to see an America where the two dominant parties are the Democrats and the Greens, where the wealthy are taxed to the nth degree, and where there are no homeless, no hungry, everyone has free healthcare, reasonable lodging, free education up to a Phd., and much much more.  Where we are not trying to compete with European democracies, but surpass them in all areas.  In other words, a world with out Republican Libertarians.

While we’re at it, the Electoral College and 2nd Amendment  need to be repealed.

Yes, I am as left as one can get.  I think the last good Republican may have been Eisenhower. I wish he and his ilk were still around.

Trump is the new Hitler. The GOP the new Nazi Party

I guess, according to the Trump white nationalist mode of thinking, people, and especially children, who try to enter the country while being brown, get what they deserve.  It’s a criminal  thing to be brown.

It wasn’t bad enough that Trump’s minions on our Southern Border are incarcerating children indefinitely in pens with concrete floors, inadequate meals, very little attention to health or to simple sanitary conditions, now the Trumpeters are deporting children with diseases and life threatening medical conditions that can only be treated here in the United States. If they are deported to their home countries they will die.

I am wondering why the United Nations is not sanctioning the United States for gross inhumanity.

One of the things that galls  me about this is the hypocrisy of Trumps Fundagelical base, the ones who are so very “Pro Life” when it comes to a fetus, but who look away when actual living children are being sent to their deaths, and all for the crime of being brown.

None of this will end until we elect a new President and a new Senate. We’ll probably have to impeach a few dozen federal judges along the way.

After that we need to outlaw the Republican Party. I mean the way the Nazi Party was finally outlawed in Germany. Every time the GOP comes to power (at least in the 20th and 21st Centuries) they have wasted no time what soever in propagating the most egregious examples of “mans inhumanity to man,” examples only surpassed  by those of the former Nazi Party in Germany during WWII.

This has got to stop.


The Trump Administration Now Wants to Deport Children With Cancer


War and Peace

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 226 Out of 243 Years – Since 1776, i.e. the U.S. has only been at peace for less than 20 years total since its birth.

Only a few of these wars have been justified (in my opinion): The Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World Wars I and II.  The rest, I am sorry to say, have been for profit.

It makes you think.

All those young American’s who served in our Armed Forces who have died or were injured in vain, believing they were fighting for our Freedoms, and instead fighting to fill the bank accounts of a hand full of dumb asses.

I changed the name of my blog

I got to thinking that “Applehood and MotherPie” was too much a part of my past, particularly my adolescent past (since that was the name of my High School underground newspaper).  So I decided to change it, to something a bit more serious and more reflective of whom I am today:

Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd

האמת נגד העולם

La vérité contre le monde

The Truth Against The World

There it is, in Welsh/Bretagne, Hebrew, French and English.

You’re welcome!

Two International Dumbasses: Trump and Netanyahu

Under intense pressure from President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government on Thursday barred two members of the United States Congress from entering Israel for an official visit, reversing a previous decision to admit two of the president’s most outspoken critics.

But on Friday, Israel said that one of the congresswomen, Representative Rashida Tlaib, could enter on humanitarian grounds so that she could see her 90-year-old grandmother, after she promised to “not promote boycotts” during her stay.

By enlisting a foreign power to take action against two American citizens, let alone elected members of Congress, Mr. Trump crossed a line that other presidents have not, in effect exporting his partisan battles beyond the country’s borders. And he demonstrated the lengths that he will go to to target his domestic opponents, in this case two of the congresswomen of color he has sought to make the face of the Democratic Party heading into his re-election campaign.

Of course, now Representative Tlaib isn’t going to go, because, you know, “Jews.”

Tlaib and Omar are not the criminals here.  Trump, and his willing puppet Netanyahu are the two dumb asses  that are totally to blame for this diplomatic debacle.

As I have said many times before, as long as Tlaib and Omar go about doing what they are being paid to do, and what the voters of their districts voted for them to do — represent their constituents — I have no beef with them. In fact, I support a great deal of what these two are trying to accomplish, and I think that 90% of the time, that is what they are doing. But when they go out of their way to repeat the Palestinian LIE and promote that, then I think their voters need to reign them in.

That said, I have never heard of a President of the United States telling a foreign leader to not allow the elected representatives of our government a visit.  But we are in the age of Trump,  and he is a dumbass of dumbasses.   And Benjamin Netanyahu is sitting there at Trumps right hand, dealing out the dumbassery for all the world to see.