G-d as the collective vs. G-d as the bearded guy in the sky

This dialogue started out as a discussion of liberal vs. progressive.  It devolved rather quickly…….
MOI:  Well, if that’s the way you feel about it then that’s the way you feel about it. Is that the way you feel about it?
JJA1: The questions show the conflict between liberal and progressive values. That is why I said they will devour themselves. The problem is most progressives are not going to have the hard conversations there just going to call the people who don’t agree with racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and say they hate the poor when they don’t agree with their policies. Government can’t solve all of life problems. It can become one them for easily.
(After Thought): Since you say “most progressives call …..” please name some progressives who have stated this.
(After Thought): Actually, a Democracy CAN solve many of life’s problems if the leaders will allow it to work on the behalf of the people, which is what they are supposed to be doing. It’s what they are elected to do.
JJA1: I’m just supposed to pray for those in authority and that is what I will do

MOI: The Constitution guarantees us an ALMOST perfect government. This we have seen in the recent self-correction (Reference to events of 6 January).
MOI: As a citizen, you are not only called to pray for those in authority, but to vote as well. Prayer does not relieve you of responsibility.
AA1: Actually prayers are the first step towards responsibility. The fact that I consider others before myself is the point. Most people spend their time complaining and criticize others. They don’t take any personal responsibility for themselves or others. They don’t bring any good ideas to the table because they have not taken the time to think of what God would do. When you take the time to pray for others and in doing so most time God shows us what your role should be. The problem is our culture is so self righteous and conceded in thinking that they can solve the worlds problems when they can’t even solve their “own worlds” problems. Start with yourself. Make yourself better. Then try to approve your families problems then maybe you can help your community and then the world. Basically take the blank out your own before you decide to help others. Wisemen who don’t believe in God still act as if he exists.
MOI: How you treat others and how you treat yourself is how you treat G-d. What would the world be like if everyone treated each other the way they have been taught to treat G-d? Of course that is a hard one. There will always be some people we don’t like, or that we disagree with. In some cases this boils up into hatred. That is the killer. If you first love yourself, then you will love G-d. That can be stretched to all others. When one recognizes that everyone including yourself is G-d, then you will learn to love everyone. Where love abides, there is no hate. Where there is light, there is no darkness. But, we will continue to have hate and darkness as long as some perceive G-d as some entity outside of themselves rather than the true recognition that every man, woman and child, regardless of race or ethnicity .. indeed, every sentient being on this planet and on other planets as well is collectively G-d.
JJA1: I don’t have to elevate people to god status to treat them well. The truth is man is evil and not deserving of being saved yet God sent his son who is God to earth like a slave/ servant to die for us anyway. That’s only reason you have value. Jesus elevated the value of the individual when He declared our bodies as temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell in before that people valued their idols/gods/ ideologies or their places of worship over people.
JJA1: But your sort of right in sense Jesus said we should love people “like” we would love God when he told the Pharisees that the greatest law was to love the Lord your God will all your heart, all your mind and all your soul and “LIKE” this you are to love your neighbor. But we are not gods nor do we acquire the ability to solve the worlds problems or save people from their sin. Only God can do that.

MOI: The TRUTH is: man is not evil. Man becomes evil by being told (brainwashed) that he is evil. How could G-d create something evil? How could G-d be evil? The real evil comes from preachers who preach that man is evil and needs to be saved. This is a false doctrine.

MOI: NOT KNOWING is what makes people evil. Those who KNOW are only GOOD. ONLY G-D. Grok?
MOI: Darkness does not exist. Darkness is ONLY the absence of Light. Where there is Light there can be no Darkness. So, where there is G-D there can be no evil. So, evil does not really exist, only in those that deny the knowledge. Thou art G-D.
JJ1: One of the ways JJ2 has coped with things in his life is by saying.  “Nothing is worse than when dad left!” I’m not sure now that Joy has Leukemia If he still thinks the same way but I can tell how much your sons loved and adored you.
(After Thought): And I love and adore my sons. And, I am very, very proud of all of you. It grieves me that you are all caught up in the Xtian paradigm.  You are more intelligent than that.

JJ1: I am capable of becoming a bitter, resentful, and malevolent. I have hurt people through my actions and words. Keeping my monster at bay and setting boundaries for myself also allows me to see the evil others and be ready to defeat it as well. I test the spirit and the spirit of others to see true intentions. If you can’t see that it because your blind to your own ways.

JJ1: You like the idea of everyone being G-D because you don’t have to be accountable to any standard. You can do whatever you want and who can judge you 💁‍♂️ You don’t even treat yourself good.


(After Thought):  Actually (1:) I’m not (and have never said that I am) G-d by myself. You are part of that too, along with your brothers, wives, children, neighbors, etc., ad infinitum. (2:) Being G-d is the ultimate in responsibility. ““Thou art God’. It’s not a message of cheer and hope. It’s a defiance – and an unafraid, unabashed assumption of personal responsibility.” It means I am not just responsible for my own survival. I am responsible for the survival of everyone in the collective.  But, you can be an individual, bone on your own, “every man for himself” Marboro Man kind of guy. When the cells of your body act like that we call it Cancer.


JJA1: If you could talk to your future self what would he say? What regrets would he have?


(After Thought):  Actually, I have spoken to my future self. (That’s right, It’s what Einstein called “space time.”).  Future moi is very, very proud of all that I’ve accomplished. Future moi only regrets leaving his sons too soon, and not taking them to California.


JJA1: You had it all. Beautiful family, money etc and you pissed all away cause you weren’t happy.


(After Thought):  Actually I have it all now.  Not that mistakes weren’t made, they were. But nothing was “pissed away.”  That’s your viewpoint, not mine.


JJ1: I don’t follow pastors or Christian leaders. I follow Jesus so I don’t have a problem with what they say. I appreciate brutal honesty but I don’t condemn myself and still give myself absolute grace and mercy. The world doesn’t do that. You don’t live absolute truth and you don’t give any grace or mercy to people you don’t agree with or you think have hurt you. You demonize lots of groups on your post.


(After Thought):  You follow Jesus?  So you’ve sold all your belongings and given it all to the poor?  Even if you have, Jesus is a myth. Jesus never lived (or died). Jesus is a construct designed to fool people, or worse, he was invented by the Romans to use to subjugate the Jewish people . But, that’s just my opinion. Opinions are like ass holes. Everyone has one.


JJ1: The goal is not happiness. The goal is to find joy in sacrificing yourself for the good of others


(After Thought):   You are wrong. The goal of life is to be happy.  “The secret of Life is to be happy.”  — Dalai Llama  But you are also right.  Happiness is found in service to others for the greater good of all.


JJ1: There is nothing you could do that would ever make me stop loving you.


Moi: That goes without saying. You are my son. I am your father. We can’t help but love one another.