ownership in israel


As I have pointed out ad infinitum ad nauseum, every square inch of the land in Palestine that was acquired by Jews was bought and paid for (meaning that cash was exchanged with the owners of the time, and deeds were drawn up etc.), by the Jewish National Fund  starting circa 1901. It happens that that land included all of Judea/Samaria (AKA “the West Bank”) which, during the Arab-Israel War of 1948, was taken over and occupied by Jordan. The thing is, wealthy Arab landowners were only too happy to sell “worthless desert land” to the “foolish Jews,” at exorbitant prices. When the “worthless desert land” was proven to be very airable (thanks to science and irrigation), the cry “Jews stole our land” was heard around the world.

Were some Arabs displaced by these purchases?  It happens that a good portion of the lands purchased by JNF were at the time rented out to poorer Arabs. As happens here in the US, when a landlord sells property that tenants are living on, sometimes the tenants have to live elsewhere. This is exactly the situation in Jerusalem in Sheikh Jarrah. Jewish landlords who owned those properties prior to the Jordanian occupation were restored to the ownership. They attempted to collect rent from the Arab residents. Those residents refused to pay (having been instructed to do so by Palestinian leadership) and were subsequently evicted (which is what happens in the USA when tenants don’t pay their rent). The thing is, this situation went on for many years before the landowners appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court, and were granted permission to evict their tenants.

History sucks don’t it? Oh wait! I forgot! Progressives are all socialists who don’t believe in legal ownership so no landlord anywhere in the world has the right to expect they can collect rents. How foolish of me..

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A pantheistic Shema


שמע ישראל, האדון הוא אלוהינו, האדון הוא אחד, האדון הוא אנחנו, האדון הוא הכל..

Hear O Israel, the Lord your G-d, the Lord is ONE, the Lord is US, the Lord is ALL.

So, what does this mean?  It is a declaration.  It states that G-d exists, that there is only one G-d, that we are G-d (Thou art G-d), that G-d is everything, that G-d is all that exists.


An open letter to Walgreen’s Pharmacy


Note: This letter was sent to the Eureka CA store on Broadway:

To the Store Manager and Chief Pharmacist:

Ceridwen and I have been customers of Walgreens for over five years. Mostly it was because our former Part D insurance provider, United Health Care, required us to use Walgreens.

Last year Karyn’s Part D insurance changed to a different company and no longer requires us to use your pharmacy. Likewise, this year my Part D insurance changed.  Regardless, we had intended to stay with you, since it is just more convenient and we were already established with you.

That changed when your parent company, Walgreens Boot Alliance, decided to deny women in twenty US States their Constitutional right, indeed, a moral right, to the drug mifepristone. All because pressure was applied by right wing, Christian Nationalist attorneys threatened legal action against Walgreens.

This is a WRONGNESS.  This goes against everything our Constitution and the entire concept of Democracy stand for.  It is un American, religious discrimination.  These people want to turn America into a religious dictatorship (think The Handmaids Tale, or Robert Heinlein’s short story, If This Goes On). They want to impose on all American’s, Christian or not, a kind of Christian Sharia Law, that will eventually deny women, people of color, LGBTQ, Indigenous Americans and basically anyone they dislike, any and all rights currently guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

First it was Republican dominated States restricting abortion. Then the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade.  Walgreens has joined them in these heinous restrictions.  Birth control, in any form, with be next. In the end, women will be barefoot, pregnant, denied education, and forced to wear Burkas. The ones who refuse will be tried as witches and burned at the stake.

We can’t take you to court, so we are no longer doing business with you.  We cannot tolerate a company that is acting to destroy the America my father (a WW II vet) fought against fascism to preserve.

Feel free to forward this letter to your corporate masters.

My new “friend,” Michelle Dylan

This is a Facebook story.

A person named Michelle Dylan (I now doubt that is her real name) asked me to be her friend on Facebook.  She only had one common friend with me (a fellow Druid), so that should have been a red flag. Other red flags are: she had very few other friends. She offered absolutely no other information about herself.  But, I friended her anyway. I like to opportunity to share the good news of pantheism to new audiences. And, well, her picture showed her to be pretty and very well endowed. Hard for a guy like me (Pagan, Scorpio etc.) to pass on a nice pair of breasts.  Here is her pic:


So, she messages me. It goes like this:




Now, this should have been a red flag, “are you alone right now?” Definitely a red flag. Which I ignored.

Ok, “do you want to see my tits?” is yet another red flag. Maybe she’s an exhibitionist?

Of course I did not. She could see my face, but that is all. It is here things turn to the dark side.

The spaces you see above had pictures of someone’s penis. Not mine, but someone’s. They all look alike anyway. She probably has pulled this stunt off dozens of times, so she probably has quite the collection. She could have at least picked one better endowed.

I just stopped engaging with her at this point. I was in shock I guess. Someone posts fake pics of me? WTF!?

It was at this point that I blocked her on Messenger, then on Facebook, and sent out a warning message to everyone in the chat group she created warning them not to allow her in. What a crazy fraking bitch!

So, there you have it. I’ve reported her to Facebook, to my friends and family and anyone reading this blog.

The moral to this story?