Is AARP good for seniors?



Are you thinking about joining AARP? Maybe you received a note in the mail inviting you to join when you turned 55?

Should you?

Allegedly, the AARP advocates for seniors and especially for Social Security recipients.  I’ve been with them since I turned 55  (I am 68 now), but honestly, I have seen no evidence.

What about the benefits?  Their car insurance is way way higher than you can get elsewhere, and you accrue substantial savings taking your insurance business elsewhere.  I can get a quote on my 2016 Toyota Yaris (full coverage) for a significant savings anywhere but through AARP.

Now, that is not to say all benefits are expensive. Ceridwen and I have both our cell phones through AARP Consumer Cellular. We get really good service with really good smart phones.

On the other hand, both of us have been enrolled in AARP Medicare Rx Plus (administered by United Healthcare).  I’ve had a good experience with my plan, but the company denied Ceridwen her Armour Thyroid and her Tramadol, both of which she has taken for over 15 years.  Armour Thyroid is not in there formulary. They said that only an 8 day supply of the Tramadol could be filled.  So, she took her business to Costco Pharmacy. Over 2021 she shelled out $1,088 for these two medications.

In December Medcare assigned her to a different company.  The new company had no qualms about giving her a 30 day supply of Tramadol, but stated that the Armour Thyroid was not in their formulary, and so they only paid for one month. BUT – they also said that a physicians note of appeal could bring them around.  So our physician told them that Ceridwen is allergic to other synthetic thyroid medications, and so they covered it. Each medication costs her $1.35 each month.

We’ve sent a letter to United Healthcare, demanding a refund of $1,088. No answer yet. She has filed a complaint with AARP, so we’re waiting on a reaction.

Stay tuned. Think twice, no three times, about joining AARP.


I may have really screwed the pooch this time



On April 14, 2022 I posted the following to a select audience: just my family:

My town. Enjoy. But this is just a tiny little sample. To really Grok this, come visit me. 💕

I waited a few days to see if there would be any reaction. On April 19 I commented:

Comment 1: Funny thing about this post: It was not sent to everyone. Only my family members. None of whom commented, or even “liked.” Guess that means I’ll die here having only met two of my grand children. Do the words “I love you” mean anything for real?

Comment 2: Sorry. Just feeling a bit sad. Easter is supposed to be a family holiday. I waited all day for phone calls that never happened. Same thing this past Xmas and Thanksgiving. I feel like saying something really, really, offensive now, so you’ll at least have an excuse for the lifelong shunning. Namaste.

The “lifelong shunning” remark is a reference to a theory I have, that my vindictive ex-spouse made the kids promise to never initiate any contact with me, nor ever visit me. I don’t know if that is for certain, but it sounds like something she would do and I have mentioned it before and no one has informed me otherwise.

So anyroad, this was an exercise in trying the Jewish guilt trip to maybe gouge them into coming out here to see me and the Redwoods.  As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I have only met two of my grandchildren, courtesy of my oldest son Joshua, who made the trip with his wife and younger son Jalen a few years back.  Son Jordan and his family were in Los Angeles a few weeks ago visiting Disney Land (He works for Disney owned WMAQ-TV, the ABC affiliate in Chicago).  I tried a little guilt tripping in my remarks to their Facebook posts.

No reaction.

So, I thought I would try this. But, I’m thinking this might have backfired. Honestly, I don’t know what else I can do. I simply cannot afford a trip to Illinois, so they have to come to me.  Everyone is getting older. My eldest granddaughter is going to be seventeen by the end of this year.  Actually, I don’t even know if any of them (save Joshua’s sons) know that I exist. In the times that I have called over the holidays, I’ve never been invited to talk to any of them. I really fear I’m going to die and never meet any of them.

How twisted is that?

Just received in my inbox


Just received this in one of my email accounts:

On 1/19/2022 4:52 AM, wrote:

Hi. How are you? 

I know, it's unpleasant to start the conversation with bad news, but I have no choice.
Few months ago, I have gained access to your devices that used by you for internet browsing.
Afterwards, I could track down all your internet activities.

Here is the history of how it could become possible: 
At first, I purchased from hackers the access to multiple email accounts (nowadays, it is a really simple thing to do online).
As result, I could easily log in to your email account (

One week later, I installed Trojan virus in Operating Systems of all devices of yours, which you use to open email.
Frankly speaking, it was rather straightforward (since you were opening the links from your inbox emails).
Everything ingenious is quite simple. (o_0)!

My software enables me with access to all controllers inside devices of yours, like microphone, keyboard and video camera.
I could easily download to my servers all your private info, including the history of web browsing and photos.
I can effortlessly gain access to all your messengers, social networks accounts, emails, contact list as well as chat history.
Virus of mine constantly keeps refreshing its signatures (because it is driver-based), and as result remains unnoticed by your antivirus.

Hence, you can already guess why I stayed undetected all this while.

As I was gathering information about you, I couldn't help but notice that you are also a true fan of adult-content websites.
You actually love visiting porn sites and browsing through kinky videos, while pleasuring yourself.
I could make a few dirty records with you in the main focus and montaged several videos showing the way you reach orgasm while masturbating with joy.

If you are still uncertain regarding the seriousness of my intentions, 
it only requires several mouse clicks for me to forward your videos to all your relatives, as well as friends and colleagues.
I can also make those vids become accessible by public.
I honestly think that you do not really want that to happen, considering the peculiarity of videos you like to watch, 
(you obviously know what I mean) all that kinky content can become a reason of serious troubles for you.

However, we can still resolve this situation in the following manner:
Everything you are required to do is a single transfer of $1360 USD to my account (or amount equivalent to bitcoin depending on exchange rate at the moment of transfer), 
and once the transaction is complete, I will straight away remove all the dirty content exposing you.
After that, you can even forget that you have come across me. Moreover, I swear that all the harmful software will be removed from all devices of yours as well. 
Make no doubt that I will fulfill my part.

This is really a great deal that comes at a reasonable price, given that I have used quite a lot of energy to check your profile as well as traffic over an extended period of time.
If you have no idea about bitcoin purchase process - it can be straightforwardly done by getting all the necessary information online.

Here is my bitcoin wallet provided below: 17BSLhc597GybEuZ4DyFpdtceY3Moi3nWo

You should complete the abovementioned transfer within 48 hours (2 days) after opening this email.

The following list contains actions you should avoid attempting:
#Do not try replying my email (email in your inbox was generated by me alongside with return email address).
#Do not try calling police as well as other security forces. In addition, abstain from sharing this story with your friends. 
 After I find out (be sure, I can easily do that, given that I keep complete control of all your devices) - your kinky video will end up being available to public right away. 
#Do not try searching for me - there is absolutely no reason to do that. Moreover, all transactions in cryptocurrency are always anonymous.
#Do not try reinstalling the OS on your devices or throwing them away. It is pointless as well, since all your videos have already been uploaded to remote servers.

The following list contains things you should not be worried about:
#That your money won't reach my account.
- Rest assured, the transactions can be tracked, hence once the transaction is complete, 
 I will know about it, because I continuously observe all your activities (my trojan virus allows me to control remotely your devices, same as TeamViewer).
#That I still will share your kinky videos to public after you complete money transfer.
- Trust me, it's pointless for me to continue troubling your life. If I really wanted, I would make it happen already! 

Let's make this deal in a fair manner!

Owh, one more future it is best that you don't involve yourself in similar situations any longer!
One last advice from me - recurrently change all your passwords from all accounts.

And, here is my response:

I’m not sending you shit. Because you are a fucking, Trump supporting, retarded, moronic, liar.

How do I know this?

1)Well, Trump supporting is because you are a moron, and all the morons support Donald “The Liar” Trump. Also, because you are a liar. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

2)I’m on a PC DESKTOP. I don’t have a camera or a microphone installed here.

3) I am a MIcrosoft Certified Network Engineer.  I know exactly what to scan for and have the software to do it.  There is nothing on my computer that I am not aware of.

4) To do what you say you did, you would have to decrypt the passwords on three firewalls. It can be done, but it would take days, if not weeks. Of course you are a moron, so I suppose you might invest that much time.

Here’s the thing.  You are a liar. A failure at everything you have ever done. You will die all alone, possibly homeless, with the feral cats and street rats your only friends. That’s just what I can ascertain from the Karma you are building up.

I am a Druid. Your email serves as a “power object,” a psychic link to you. I have cast a spell upon you.  Your dick will slowly, over time, stop functioning properly. The fact is, before too long, you won’t be able to get it up at all. This spell will stay in place, continuously for the rest of your life.  You might as well kill yourself now, and thereby reset your Karmic debt.

BUT — if you send me ONE MILLION DOLLARS I will repeal the spell.

But where to send the money to?  You’re a smart ass fuck twit. You said you knew EVERYTHING — figure it out. BONEHEAD.

The good news is that since you are not vaccinated (I’m just projecting based on what I know about you), since you refuse to wear a mask, or social distance, you will die in a hospital from Covid-19.  Which is what you Trump worshiping “REpublitarian (That’ the new paradigm of Republican/Libertarian morons that now exist), dumb fucks are all going to die from Covid, because you all deny it’s existence.

I believe Covid-19 is the Earth Goddess’ way of ridding herself of all the morons currently infecting her.


But, you’re an enlightened, “Buddha.” How could you reply in such a way?

Simple: I am also a Scorpio. Admittedly, I usually function on the Eagle or Phoenix level of my “Scorpioness,” but BS like this gives me a chance to exercise my base nature. For me this is therapy.

Well, this is something new …



Apparently I’m now in “Facebook Hell.”   How did I get here?  Well, I was reading Daily Kos and an article appeared about a new phenomenon within the Wrong Wing fanatics, wherein they now flay a black flag, meaning, “no quarter shall be asked, no quarter shall be given.” In other words, if we disagree with your opinion we will kill you. Here’s the url:

And here is a video:

So I posted a link to the article and  in my comment, I pointed out that Taliban, Isis, and other Islamic terror groups also fly black flags, and I included two examples:


Isis flag.                                                                   Caucasian emerite flag.

Apparently (and I am just guessing) my posting of these two examples triggered an algorithm, and made Facebook think I was promoting this stuff.

I don’t know how long I’ll be in “Facebook Hell,” or even if an actual human will examine my post.  I also totally understand their concern, although it does illustrate  something I have suspected for quite sometime, that people don’t really read stuff, and react according to what they “thought they read,” rather than what is actually on the screen.

Stay tuned.

DP plates and a mask


I pulled into a handicap parking space at Safeway today. It’s okay for me to do so, because I have disabled person plates on my car (yeah, the permanent kind, not just a placard) because I am permanently disabled due to degenerative disc disease.

Right after I pulled in, another vehicle pulled into the handicap space beside me. It was a Ford F-150.  The driver got out of his vehicle and ran into the store ahead of me.

Humboldt County as of Midnight last night is back under a mandatory masking order. It no longer matters whether or not you have been vaccinated, you, for the sake of your fellow citizens are required to wear a mask when indoors in a public place.

The fellow with the Ford F-150 was not wearing a mask.  Of course, he wasn’t alone. I would guess that 1 out of 10 people in the store were also not wearing one.  Sometimes it takes awhile for the word to get out, although the store had posted signs on all of the doors that masks were mandatory. But not wearing a mask was not the only problem with Mr. F-150:

1- His truck bore no HP placard or plates (if caught, that’s a $250 to $1,000 fine).

2- He had a Trump 2020 sticker on his bumper.

3- His license plate frame indicated that he had purchased his truck from a Ford dealer in  Fortuna (the bright red spot in the otherwise dark blue Humboldt County).

I’m guessing that his not wearing a mask was deliberate, as was his parking where he should not.